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The North Face 50M: Weeks 16 & 17

Week 16 – Week of November 12th The week I took taper to a whole new level. Monday: rest Tuesday: 7.4 mile trail run – happy my legs were still working after peak week Wednesday: 18 mile trail run 5.2 mile road run I had planned on getting my longest run of the week done […]

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The North Face 50M: Weeks 14 & 15

Hello!  It’s been a while. Now that my peak weeks have come and gone and it’s practically race week, it’s probably time to finish recapping all this running I have been doing that kept me from blogging.  Weeks 14 and 15 were my last 2 big weeks of training and were piggy backing off of […]

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The North Face 50M: Week 13

With the dark mornings and evenings, I have really had to stick to road running during the week lately.  It works and I am still getting my mileage in, but I miss the trails!  My legs were a little cranky this week from all the pounding, but I think they are getting used to it.  […]

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The North Face 50M: Weeks 11 & 12

Week 11 was a cutback week and I ended up cutting wayyyy back.  I had strategically planned this week as a cutback week knowing I would have a lot of important things going on, but I still had hoped to get in some decent mileage.  I ended up just feeling generally run down, so I […]

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The North Face 50M: Week 10

This was my 3rd week in a row of building up my long runs and mileage.  I had to move a couple runs around, but overall was happy with the runs and mileage I got in.  Right on track! Monday rest I skipped out on my Monday yoga class to make sure I took a full […]

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The North Face 50M: Week 9

We’re half way there! Monday 1 hour yoga I broke my rule this week of taking one complete rest day and did yoga on my non-run day.  This wasn’t a very leg intensive class and was just a lot of stretching.  I do not plan on making this a habit, but this week it just […]

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The North Face 50M: Week 8

You know those weeks where you just feel overwhelmed by everything?  This was one of those weeks.  I was tired, stressed and anxiously trying to stay on top of everything on my to do list.  I had to say no to a couple things, re-prioritize and just stop being so dramatic in my head.  By […]

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The North Face 50M: Week 7

Oops.  I am done with week 8, but gotta recap week 7 first! Week 7 was a cutback week for me.  It worked out well because it coincided with a trip to my parents house for my sister in law’s baby shower (I am going to be an aunt!).  Plus, after 3 weeks of building […]

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The North Face 50M: Week 6

The first third of training is now done!  I am working on a post right now about my training plan for this training cycle, so that should be up this week finally.  So, let’s recap last week so I can get back to that training plan…    Monday rest No labor on labor day for me!  […]

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The North Face 50M: Week 5

Weekly recap time!  This week was a big week in back to back runs and I am so happy with how they went!  Overall, I didn’t have as many miles on the trails throughout the week due to daylight, but that’s just something I am going to have to get used to as the days keep getting […]

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