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The North Face 50M: My Plan

Subtitle: The Method to My Madness  Although this is not my first 50 miler, this race is an entirely different race than my first one was.  AR50 was half on flat road and the rest very runnable trails (besides the last 3 miles).  My training plan for that race was very specific for that race.  […]

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Taking Control

I have always been fairly good at making my legs run the pace they are supposed to run on the day they are supposed to run it.  Tempo run?  Run fast legs! General Aerobic run?  Find your happy pace legs. Recovery run?  Time to slowwww it down. But for whatever reason lately, I have noticed […]

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The New Plan

One of the major things I have learned while training for 10 marathons is that no training plan is set in stone.  I love training plans, I love writing them, and I just love having a schedule out in front of me, BUT that does not mean any training plan I write for myself cannot […]

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Earlier this week I decided I needed to do something about this training plan I was using. I need something new.  I need some new training tactics and techniques.  Simply put: my training just needs some spark!   Most importantly, I need a plan that was going to get me in shape enough to complete SFM without being […]

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Hitting the Books

Chris finished the last of his fire classes a couple weeks ago, but now our table is being covered with Paramedic books since those classes start next week! So. Many. Books. I am being inspired by his study skills and pulled out my own books that need to be read.  We can be study buddies […]

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I Answered, Part 3

You guys have the best questions!  Did you miss Part 1 and Part 2?  Check them out… here we go on Part 3! As always, these are just my thoughts and opinions based on my experiences and observations.  Everyone is different and things apply differently to each person. Tabitha asked: I ran my third half […]

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The New Countdown

Today started the new countdown to my next marathon… San Francisco! I am really excited to run the full in San Francisco again!  It was my first marathon in 2008 and now will be my 11th.  Getting to be a part of it as both an Ambassador and as a pacer for the training program […]

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