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Race Report: 2013 ITR Lake Chabot 30k

I was really excited for the Inside Trail Racing Lake Chabot race this year.  I ran it last year and loved the course, plus this year so many friends were going to be there! Chris and I made the easy drive over to Lake Chabot and met up with a bunch of friends before the […]

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Wednesday I turned 50k years old.  Normally I don’t refer to my age in kilometers, but this year it seems appropriate.  To kick off the year of the 50k, I took a vacation day from work and headed to Marin with Chris to show him around Muir Woods and Mt. Tam.  It was another incredibly […]

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Winter Break

I absolutely love this time of year in the East Bay.  All of a sudden you take a second to stop and look around, and the hills have turned a florescent shade of green and the dirt has changed to a dark shade of brown.  It may be sticky, slippery and muddy at times, but […]

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Race Report: ITR Mt. Tam 50k

I have a lot of runs and training to catch up on, but I just have to sit down and write this race report while it’s very fresh in my head. When I made my training plan for The North Face 50M, I was able to rely a lot on things I learned from training […]

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Race Report: 2012 ITR Folsom Lake 50k

I was really excited going into this race.  After a number of weekends of solo long runs, I was excited for both the race atmosphere and the change of scenery in trails.  This would also be my first ultra of this training cycle and only my second “official” 50k.  Saturday I ran 23 solo miles […]

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Above the Clouds

After Friday’s 21 miler, I was pretty tired, but I was very much looking forward to the long standing plans I had with Jojo to run Diablo Saturday.  If you have been reading this blog for any amount of time, you know that Jojo is my trail twin and we do a lot of long […]

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To The Top, Again

Back in February, I took my friend Kerry to the top of Mt. Diablo as part of her Bay Area Bucket list.  I hadn’t been back to the summit since that day, mostly because I was training for AR50, then recovering from it.  It’s a pretty tough run, so I never wanted to risk being […]

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Anniversary Run

I have so many blog posts to catch up on now that the blog appears to be back in order. But first, I have to interrupt those posts because today, August 3rd, is a special day in my little world. Four years ago on August 3rd, I crossed the finish line of my very first […]

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Scenes From the Trails

I haven’t done a whole lot of updating about each specific run in a while since they all have mostly been short and sweet injury recovery runs and aren’t very exciting.  But there have been a few great trail runs thrown in the mix that I have to share with you guys, because obviously these […]

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Six Weeks Later

Saturday I decided to take my leg out and give it a little test run on the trails.  It had been far too long since I had dirt underneath my running shoes, so although I was really nervous for this run, I was really excited for it too. I dusted off my trail running shoes […]

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