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Anniversary Run

I have so many blog posts to catch up on now that the blog appears to be back in order. But first, I have to interrupt those posts because today, August 3rd, is a special day in my little world. Four years ago on August 3rd, I crossed the finish line of my very first […]

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Race Report: 2012 San Francisco 1st Half Marathon

I had a feeling this was going to be a weekend full of runner love and it sure was!  This was my 5th year in a row participating in one of races that the San Francisco Marathon puts on.  It seems that I have started somewhat of a pattern with the SFM events: 2008 Full […]

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SFM Love

After a long day of travelling, last night I happily landed in San Francisco with a big weekend ahead.  Last year, this was a very busy week and weekend for me, so it’s kind of become a joke that SFM week is the busiest of the year.  When I found out I was leaving the […]

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All Things San Francisco Marathon

It’s July and around the Bay Area running community that means one thing… San Francisco Marathon month! This year The San Francisco Marathon is on Sunday, July 29th. It’s no secret that this race has a special place in my runner heart.  Not only was it my first marathon, but it is also what I […]

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In the Mood

I have noticed a change of my mood lately… I have been looking at all these races coming up and you know what, I actually want to participate.  I am in the mood to run races!  I used to want to run races all the time, and it wasn’t uncommon for me to race at […]

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Weekly Recap: SFM Recovery and PDX Week 1

I didn’t intend to use last week for as much recovery as I did, but I listened to my body and went with it.  My legs felt great after the race, but overall I was just exhausted.  Instead of running a lot, last week I slept a lot, was busy with other activities and just […]

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Do’s and Don’ts for Race Week

Now that I have had time to really sit back and reflect on everything that happened on Sunday, it’s blaringly apparent why Sunday happened the way it did.  I am usually a very methodical, organized person in the weeks leading up to a marathon and this was not the case for this race.  Even though […]

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SFM Slideshow

We all know I love a good picture slideshow paired up with some fun tunes, and I couldn’t resist making one for The San Francisco Marathon this year, especially when such a fitting song exists! Even though I may not have had the best run ever this year, I still LOVE this race and had […]

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SFM Training: Week 12

Well we all know how the marathon turned out, but what happened in the week leading up to it?  I actually did taper a little and just did easy runs at the end of the week.  It coincided well with a busy work/life schedule so I used the taper to my advantage, BUT the busy work/life […]

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Race Report: 2011 San Francisco Marathon

I always say that if you can learn lessons on race day, it is a successful one no matter what the time on the clock says.  Today many lessons were learned. To name a few: I don’t like running marathons as “training runs.”  It just doesn’t work for me mentally. There is a reason I […]

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