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SFM Love

After a long day of travelling, last night I happily landed in San Francisco with a big weekend ahead.  Last year, this was a very busy week and weekend for me, so it’s kind of become a joke that SFM week is the busiest of the year.  When I found out I was leaving the […]

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All Things San Francisco Marathon

It’s July and around the Bay Area running community that means one thing… San Francisco Marathon month! This year The San Francisco Marathon is on Sunday, July 29th. It’s no secret that this race has a special place in my runner heart.  Not only was it my first marathon, but it is also what I […]

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Sunrise, Sunset

Yesterday I was lucky enough to see the sunrise and the sunset the best way I know how… on a run of course! The morning started off with a drive into the hills for some trail running!  My running group from work decided to switch things up and I was so excited to get to […]

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SF Marathon Eve

Whew I am tired.  I think I made it through the most tiring parts of the weekend!  Now I just have a little marathon to run in the morning. Last night after a busy day at work I drove into San Francisco for an Ambassador celebration dinner!  It was so fun to get to meet […]

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SFM Training: Week 10

Subtitle: Maybe I am tapering after all. Whew another busy week!  My July’s just always seem to be that way.  I am trying REALLY hard to not stress myself out over mileage and missed workouts because I know getting stressed doesn’t do any good, but still I can’t help but just wish I was doing […]

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SFM Training: Week 8

This week I had some great runs, a reality check, and a little too much fun.  I ended up not getting in the total miles that I hoped, but the miles I did get in were great, so I am just going to count this as a cut back week in the volume area and […]

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Sweet Sixteen

I have had a couple awesome runs this week (which I will talk about later in my weekly recap), but ended up digging myself into a little hole of tiredness after 2 hard workouts and a double.  Hmm – who knew?  Looking back I definitely know better and need to make sure to plan better […]

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We are half way through 2011!  How on earth did that happen?  Weren’t we just celebrating New Years yesterday? June turned out to be a pretty good month for me after all.  It started off with some struggling while trying to find my running groove again, but finished with a couple great weeks that I […]

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SFM Training: Week 7

This week did not start at all as I planned, but just like I said in my new plan post, you can’t be prepared for everything life throws at you and have to adapt when it comes to training.  After a rough start it ended up being the best week of running I have had […]

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Sneak Peek

This morning I met up with the awesome Alyssa and Katie for our long run around San Francisco.  I was actually a little nervous for this run for a few reasons: Distance: I was shooting for 20 miles but was kind of nervous that might not happen.  I ran 17 miles last weekend, but was […]

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