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As a person who has always had a big next goal, I am constantly asked the question “what’s next?” or “what are you training for?”  While I do have races on the calendar, the spot on my fridge that typically holds a training plan has been happily empty since December. Running without a training plan […]

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Rest Days

Let’s talk about not running for a minute.  Instead, let’s talk about rest!  A very important part of running. Rest days are kind of a personal thing for runners, just like training plans.  Everyone is different and different things work for different people.  What some people consider “rest” others consider exercise.  When one person needs three […]

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What It’s About

Happy National Running Day! This morning I headed out into the cool morning air to meet up with my friends for a short run on one of our favorite trails.  We have done this routine so many times over the last couple years and I still look forward to every single time we meet.  This […]

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A Letter To My Legs

Dear leggies, I know I have been asking a lot of you lately.  I have been very demanding and making you do things you have never done before.  Although you have been cranky a couple of times, a majority of the time, you stay strong and exceed my expectations. I know it’s hard sometimes and […]

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Run for Sherry

I am one of those people that tries to not think about all the bad things and people that are out there.  I am not naive about it, I know it exists, that bad things happen and I am cautious and safe.  I just try not to dwell on the bad and focus on the […]

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It All

I have gotten asked a few times in the last couple weeks is how I do it all… whatever ‘”it all” is.  For this post, I will assume “it all” means: Run Work a full time job (and commute!) Keep up on house chores (cleaning, laundry, etc) Cook (hah) Be a good wife Be a […]

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The Morning

  It might shock you with all the morning running that I do, but I have a confession…  I am not a morning person.  Not at all.  No matter how hard I try to be, it is pretty difficult to get out of bed every morning.  Every morning I battle my alarms (because I always […]

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Double Dog Day

This morning I got up to meet the lovely Katie and Jana for a run around Walnut Creek!  Don’t ever leave fall. It was a perfect crisp fall day, the sun was shining, the leaves were bright and the air was cool.  We had a great run chatting away as usual, I always love running […]

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The Solo Jogger

I am in no way trying to belittle the news story mentioned in this post or take away from the tragic thing that happened.  It is really sad and I think it’s something that needs to be addressed and people need to be aware of.  The article  just brought to light to me a very […]

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The First Glimpse

Yesterday it happened.  Something that I wait all year for, dream all summer about and relish every second of when it actually happens. The first glimpse of fall. I met Sarah for an early morning run yesterday, assuming it would be just a normal morning run like I have been having lately.  I was excited […]

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