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Tour of Diablo

To continue with my birthday celebrations, I tricked talked my fellow trail adventurers Jojo and Jessica into exploring my favorite Bay Area mountain with me.  Kind of a “it’s my birthday and we will run where I want to” kid of thing.  Both girls had been to the summit with me on separate occasions, but […]

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Above the Clouds

After Friday’s 21 miler, I was pretty tired, but I was very much looking forward to the long standing plans I had with Jojo to run Diablo Saturday.  If you have been reading this blog for any amount of time, you know that Jojo is my trail twin and we do a lot of long […]

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To The Top, Again

Back in February, I took my friend Kerry to the top of Mt. Diablo as part of her Bay Area Bucket list.  I hadn’t been back to the summit since that day, mostly because I was training for AR50, then recovering from it.  It’s a pretty tough run, so I never wanted to risk being […]

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American River 50: Recovery Week

I wasn’t sure if I would even post a weekly recap about this week, but I have been getting a lot of questions about how recovery is going, so here we go.  This will definitely be the last post with “American River 50” in the title… I know, it’s about time! Last week included a […]

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To The Top

My good friend Kerry is sadly moving away in a couple of months, but the awesome part is she has created a “Bay Area Bucket List” of things she wants to do and see before she leaves.  She has been checking them off left and right and I was lucky enough to get to join […]

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Race Report: 2011 Mt. Diablo Half Marathon

I think one of the best ways to get in a good trail run is to sign up for a race.  As someone who is still pretty new when it comes to trail running, I am not sure where exactly to go without getting lost and don’t always have people to run with.  Both of […]

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One Fear Down: Biking up Mt. Diablo

Yesterday afternoon after a morning long run cut short, an early afternoon of errands, and a desperate late lunch, Chris and I went out for a bike ride. We had debated on going for a while, but eventually just decided to go.  I got my cycling clothes on, filled up our bottles, loaded my shirt […]

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Friday Favorites: Diablo Date Nights

Chris and I are both leading very busy lives right now and our schedules are often conflicted.  He has been avoiding running on roads for a while now since he is still battling a foot injury, but somewhere in the last month I talked him into running trails with me and it’s been so so […]

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Mt. Diablo

In keeping with the theme of my funemployment, which was wanting to do things I haven’t done before, Chris and I decided to head up Mt. Diablo Monday morning for my last hurrah before becoming a working person again.  I stare at this mountain all the time and have always wanted to go running there.  […]

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