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All Things San Francisco Marathon

It’s July and around the Bay Area running community that means one thing… San Francisco Marathon month! This year The San Francisco Marathon is on Sunday, July 29th. It’s no secret that this race has a special place in my runner heart.  Not only was it my first marathon, but it is also what I […]

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My List

This past weekend was the Philadelphia Marathon.  When I would talk to runners over the weekend about the various races going on, I would always bring that one up and say “it’s on my list.” That got me thinking, what is exactly on this “list” I always talk about? Although it has changed some since […]

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Yesterday was the Portland Marathon.    (source) You know that marathon I was supposed to go and run a PR at?  The one that was supposed to be my goal race for the year until I decided to back out?  Yah that one. The PR Plan. As I sat on the couch yesterday morning tracking […]

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Do’s and Don’ts for Race Week

Now that I have had time to really sit back and reflect on everything that happened on Sunday, it’s blaringly apparent why Sunday happened the way it did.  I am usually a very methodical, organized person in the weeks leading up to a marathon and this was not the case for this race.  Even though […]

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Change of Plans

Combining a recovery week and marathon fever can be a bad combination sometimes.  The urge to run races with lots of free time on my hands – yikes!  I mentioned in my plans that I was going to run CIM again unless something else came up.  Well that something did.  I got word of some exciting new […]

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Marathon Fever

As I mentioned in my 2011 Goals Check In post, I had given myself until May 1st until I was allowed to make any decisions on what I wanted to do regarding my fall racing schedule.  Too many times I have had my whole year planned out January 1st, when really I might want to do something […]

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Number Ten

I can’t believe I am actually going to be at the start line of my TENTH marathon this weekend.  I still remember being at the start line of my very first marathon like it was yesterday, it’s hard to believe I have actually finished 9! Each marathon I run I always learn something new, so […]

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The Question

There is one question I have been asked more times than any other over the last month.  The one question I have skirted around the answer to time and time again.  The one question I just really haven’t wanted to answer until now. What is your goal for Boston? My answer up until this point […]

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Taming the Tantrums

Taper tantrums be gone!  Here’s how I get rid of them… I pack. Packing eases some anxiety – don’t ask me why. I laugh at the obscurity of the 15 day forecast. Tuesday’s forecast vs. Wednesday’s vs. today’s – hah.  Or why you should never believe a 15 day forecast!  I run. Duh.  Just not […]

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After the Race

We train for months and months.  We put in countless hours of our time and experience every extreme of emotion along the way.  We think about race day, how it will turn out, what we will feel like at the finish.  Then before we know it, it’s all over. A few weeks ago when I […]

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