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Pacing Plans

No matter what the race distance, there always seems to be some sort of pacing plan that comes with it.  The patience with the pacing my differ depending on the length of the race, but overall I have used 3 different kinds of pacing plans. I am off to negative split my first marathon! Negative […]

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Increasing Mileage

I received a comment/question from a reader a couple weeks ago and thought the topic warranted it’s own blog post since it’s such a popular topic among runners I thought you guys would have some great information as well. When you first began running did you go through aches and pains as your mileage increased?  […]

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Yesterday was the Portland Marathon.    (source) You know that marathon I was supposed to go and run a PR at?  The one that was supposed to be my goal race for the year until I decided to back out?  Yah that one. The PR Plan. As I sat on the couch yesterday morning tracking […]

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Something’s Gotta Give

2011 has definitely been a pretty epic year so far for me.  I ran Boston, I ran Big Sur, and I ran SFM all while devoting myself to more extracurricular activities than I could have imagined when the year started.  All this on top of Chris starting a new career and me finding a new […]

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PDX Training: 6 Weeks To Go

I am most definitely in a funk right now, there is no denying that.  I thought being  funemployed would help get me into a running routine or at least make me excited to run since I could go run new places and not have to be anywhere after.  Instead it has caused me to have […]

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A Giant Run

There are always times during marathon training where I doubt myself and question why on earth I am doing it.  I have a hard time getting out the door and finding motivation is hard to come by.  Since I am always very honest with my training on the blog I will confess that lately these […]

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PDX Training: 7 Weeks To Go

Despite some obstacles this week (stubbing my toe, getting a migraine, and getting a couple blisters), I still managed to complete most of all of my runs and have a pretty good week!  There was definitely some shifting, but overall it worked for this week.  Monday rest Tuesday 9 GA (General Aerobic) team lemon run […]

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Taking Control

I have always been fairly good at making my legs run the pace they are supposed to run on the day they are supposed to run it.  Tempo run?  Run fast legs! General Aerobic run?  Find your happy pace legs. Recovery run?  Time to slowwww it down. But for whatever reason lately, I have noticed […]

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Do’s and Don’ts for Race Week

Now that I have had time to really sit back and reflect on everything that happened on Sunday, it’s blaringly apparent why Sunday happened the way it did.  I am usually a very methodical, organized person in the weeks leading up to a marathon and this was not the case for this race.  Even though […]

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SFM Training: Week 12

Well we all know how the marathon turned out, but what happened in the week leading up to it?  I actually did taper a little and just did easy runs at the end of the week.  It coincided well with a busy work/life schedule so I used the taper to my advantage, BUT the busy work/life […]

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