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It Starts With a Two

Long runs are 100% what made me fall in love with running.  All those years that I spent hating to run, I had just never gone far enough!  Of course then, one of the things I loved the most about training for AR50 was that I got to do two long runs in a row!  […]

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Marathon Eve?

Tomorrow I will run my 13th marathon – the Napa Valley Marathon! I am really excited for this race.  This is one of our more local races that I have always wanted to run, but it sadly has never fit in to my schedule very well.  When I decided to train for AR50 and made […]

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A Giant Run

There are always times during marathon training where I doubt myself and question why on earth I am doing it.  I have a hard time getting out the door and finding motivation is hard to come by.  Since I am always very honest with my training on the blog I will confess that lately these […]

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A Blogger-ful Weekend

I started writing this on Sunday, but ended up falling asleep on Emma’s the couch at 7pm and sleeping all the way until 6:30am this morning!  I guess that is a sign of how awesome this weekend was. Emma says fine you take my couch, I will take your chair but I’m not happy about […]

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Sweet Sixteen

I have had a couple awesome runs this week (which I will talk about later in my weekly recap), but ended up digging myself into a little hole of tiredness after 2 hard workouts and a double.  Hmm – who knew?  Looking back I definitely know better and need to make sure to plan better […]

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Sneak Peek

This morning I met up with the awesome Alyssa and Katie for our long run around San Francisco.  I was actually a little nervous for this run for a few reasons: Distance: I was shooting for 20 miles but was kind of nervous that might not happen.  I ran 17 miles last weekend, but was […]

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The Long Run

I think long runs are what made me fall in love with running.  It wasn’t until I started having weekends where life would pretty much revolve around my run and that I was actually out there running for hours, that I really found my true passion in running.  There is nothing like the feeling after […]

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Paces Galore!

I have received some comments and emails lately asking about the different paces I use during training and I thought it deserved a post on it’s own!  I was even more sure of this when I was trying to explain to a coworker the other day about my training plan and pretty much just ended […]

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Saturday vs. Sunday

When I first started running and through my first few marathon training cycles I always did my long runs on Saturday.  It worked best for me and I liked the way it synched with my weekends.  However, when I started upping my mileage (running both days on the weekend) and adding group workouts to my […]

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