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As a person who has always had a big next goal, I am constantly asked the question “what’s next?” or “what are you training for?”  While I do have races on the calendar, the spot on my fridge that typically holds a training plan has been happily empty since December. Running without a training plan […]

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What’s Next?

It seems that the second you cross the finish line of a big goal, immediately the question “what’s next” starts to be asked.  This time was no different. I have gotten this question many, many times over the last 11 days and for once I really don’t have an answer.  Running 50 miles was my […]

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Not Just 2012 Goals

We are now 10 days into 2012 and I haven’t talked about goals yet… *gasp* I have a lot of goals for myself, and specifically to be talked about on this blog since it is a running blog after all, a lot of running and athletic goals. I used to sit down at the end […]

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I know we are all probably burned out on 2011 recaps by now, but I just can’t skip it…  my 2011 recap is here!  The Goals When this year started I had 3 goals.  These were very different goals from what I had done in prior years.  No time goals, no set numbers, no pre-planned year.  […]

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Social Media Sabbatical

It’s no secret that I love social media.  You might even call me addicted.  Blogging, twitter, FaceBook, DailyMile… bring it on. Social Media has brought so much to my life.  So many friends, so many opportunities, and more than I could ever have imagined when I started this little blog almost 4 (!!) years ago.  […]

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A New High

In 2008, my first year of running, I ran 1,356.7 miles starting from February when I first started running and keeping track of my miles. In 2009 I blew that out of the water and ran 2,103.3 miles. In 2010 I took another step up, hitting 2,235.8 miles for the year. Naturally, I wanted to […]

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My List

This past weekend was the Philadelphia Marathon.  When I would talk to runners over the weekend about the various races going on, I would always bring that one up and say “it’s on my list.” That got me thinking, what is exactly on this “list” I always talk about? Although it has changed some since […]

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Friday Favorites: 2,000

I reached 2,000 miles for 2011 today! I couldn’t ask for a better week to get me to that number. Of course there was the trail race on Sunday that was a nice push to 2,000.  I love that Brazen Racing puts their pictures up for free!  All you have to do is dig around […]

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My Next Big Adventure

I was the annoying girl on twitter today.   You know the one hinting at a big registration… Then registering and running off without saying what I registered for.    Over the last few weeks I have been hinting that something big is coming up for me, and today I finally committed to it and hit […]

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Two Fears Down: My First Yoga Class

I am very lucky to work at a place that offers many different varieties of workout classes.  Spinning, boot camp, zumba…. and yoga to name a few.   I used to use the “not being able to afford a yoga studio” as my excuse for not addressing this fear, but I knew once I started […]

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