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Friday Favorites

I have sat down to blog a few times this week and just ended up staring at the wordless screen.  I don’t like forcing blogging – because it shows! – so I just didn’t blog.  Hopefully the words will come back soon!  The words were not lacking from the lack of great things that happened […]

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Friday Favorites: Vegas Outtakes

Oh look I am talking about Vegas again when I said I wouldn’t!  Hah.  I was going through all my pictures and there were some good ones that didn’t make the blog yet, so might as well throw them in!  I feel like I just got back yesterday. First up our awesome room at the […]

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Friday Favorites: 2,000

I reached 2,000 miles for 2011 today! I couldn’t ask for a better week to get me to that number. Of course there was the trail race on Sunday that was a nice push to 2,000.  I love that Brazen Racing puts their pictures up for free!  All you have to do is dig around […]

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Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! Kylie loves Fridays too.  Don’t mind my clothes rack treadmill in the background. These weeks just keep on flying by.  Somehow it’s Friday and I haven’t blogged since… um?  Tuesday?!  Oops.  I am feeling so much better after my sickness last week and am having a great week of running.  Feeling better, running, […]

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Friday Favorites

And just like that, it’s Friday again! It’s been a good week with a lot of favorites.  Fall has arrived, I got to run in the pouring rain (yes that’s a favorite) while wearing a running vest (!!), and I have had the best run dates this week!  Plus a few other things…  The weather […]

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Friday Favorites: Better Late Than Never

It’s the weekend! This week went by SO fast.  I have been so busy and had things going on every single day!  Life is very good though, so there are no complaints from me.  Well I lied, maybe one complaint that you will see at the end of this post. Onto my favorites! I think […]

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Friday Favorites: Diablo Date Nights

Chris and I are both leading very busy lives right now and our schedules are often conflicted.  He has been avoiding running on roads for a while now since he is still battling a foot injury, but somewhere in the last month I talked him into running trails with me and it’s been so so […]

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Friday Favorites

Funemployment, I love you! It has been so nice to have the last couple days off and I still have another week to go!  Let’s hope I don’t get too used to this lifestyle.  Onto my favorite parts of the week {so far}! Wednesday night was a combination all of my favorite things to celebrate […]

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Friday Favorites (& Non-Favorites)

Oh hello Friday where did you come from?  And how is it that I haven’t blogged since Tuesday?  Sheesh!  Bad Aron.  I really don’t know where this week went!  It’s been busy as usual and I have some non-favorites to go along with my favorites this week.  I guess it’s been one of those weeks. […]

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Friday Favorites

It’s been another pretty good week!  Post San Francisco Marathon running is coming around.  I was getting a little frustrated early in the week but after some self realizations, reading old posts and a pep talk from Jen I am feeling much better.  I am being patient and know I will be just fine come […]

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