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Anniversary Run

I have so many blog posts to catch up on now that the blog appears to be back in order. But first, I have to interrupt those posts because today, August 3rd, is a special day in my little world. Four years ago on August 3rd, I crossed the finish line of my very first […]

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SFM Love

After a long day of travelling, last night I happily landed in San Francisco with a big weekend ahead.  Last year, this was a very busy week and weekend for me, so it’s kind of become a joke that SFM week is the busiest of the year.  When I found out I was leaving the […]

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Back to Base: Week 2

My goal for July is to continue to build a strong base in my running before I start to dive into real training again.  I should probably talk about what the next big thing is on my racing calendar for 2012, because yes it has been decided, but I will get to that soon enough. […]

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Spectator Report: 2011 Walnut Creek Half Marathon

I was up very late last night for my work holiday party, so when the alarm went off at 6:30am I was no where near ready to get out of bed.  After a couple rounds of snooze, I threw on some clothes, grabbed the camera and drove over to the meeting spot for the Walnut […]

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A Glimpse of What’s to Come

Since registering for my next big adventure, I have been reading up a lot on how exactly one trains for a 50 mile run.  Pretty much the main thing I have taken away from anything I read is back to back long runs is the best way to prepare.  Back to back long runs?  Count […]

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Race Report: 2011 Nike Women’s Half Marathon

The big #20 is done!  It went exactly as it should too… surrounded by so many friends, running through the amazing city of San Francisco, running side by side with my favorite running partner Kristin and crossing the finish line with a big smile on my face.  What more can you ask for? After a […]

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Sunrise, Sunset

Yesterday I was lucky enough to see the sunrise and the sunset the best way I know how… on a run of course! The morning started off with a drive into the hills for some trail running!  My running group from work decided to switch things up and I was so excited to get to […]

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2011 Walnut Festival Run

I started talking with my friend Jason about The Walnut Festival Run back on New Years Eve.  He had organized the race in 2010 and wanted some more help for it this year.  I had never been involved with anything like this and since one of my big goals for 2010 was to be more […]

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Mission Peak

I have been trying to make the most of my few days off by doing things I wouldn’t typically do and seeing friends I don’t get to see that often.  Today I killed two birds with one stone and met up with my long lost friend JoLynn for my first hike up to Mission Peak!  […]

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A Giant Run

There are always times during marathon training where I doubt myself and question why on earth I am doing it.  I have a hard time getting out the door and finding motivation is hard to come by.  Since I am always very honest with my training on the blog I will confess that lately these […]

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