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American River 50: Recovery Week

I wasn’t sure if I would even post a weekly recap about this week, but I have been getting a lot of questions about how recovery is going, so here we go.  This will definitely be the last post with “American River 50” in the title… I know, it’s about time! Last week included a […]

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American River 50: Week 18

Between the excitement of race week and laziness of recovery, I forgot to recap my last week of training!  I can’t do every single week but race week. Monday rest Woke up nervous that morning.  The fact that the race was “this week” was scary! I got a massage that night and worked out any […]

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Race Report: 2012 American River 50, Part 2

When we left off, I was almost 27 miles into AR50, had a new pair of shoes and socks on, and had just picked up my first pacer Jojo.  We were heading off into the trails, which I was very much looking forward to after over 20 miles of pavement. It was so nice to […]

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Race Report: 2012 American River 50, Part 1

I am not typically a fan of multiple part race reports, but I think this deserves (and needs) 2 parts!    Background After training for and running 11 marathons, I was starting to feel like I wanted something more and different when it came to my running.  I had always thought about doing an ultra-marathon […]

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50 Miles

Today I ran 50 miles and I have a new jacket to prove it. It was such an amazing day, my face might be the most tired from all the smiling I have done today.  I am not sure how I will capture it all in words, but I will try… I have so many […]

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Bib is picked up.  Hydrating is occurring.  Carbs are being consumed.  Clothes are laid out.  Fuel is packed.  Logistics are set.  Body is rested.  Butterflies are most definitely fluttering. And most importantly, legs are ready to run! 18 weeks ago I started training for this new crazy adventure.  I took a leap of faith in […]

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My Race Plan

You didn’t think I was done posting before my big race did you?  I still have a few things to say!  One of the reasons I love having a blog is I like to document what I spend a lot of thought on and plan for, so that someday I can look back and remember what […]

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Meet My Crew

One of the things I was really excited about when I signed up for AR50 was that you are allowed to have crew and pacers!  Whenever I have watched movies or read books about ultras, the runners always talked about their crew and I thought it sounded so fun to be able to have a […]

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American River 50: Week 17

And taper continues… My legs were definitely feeling the {good} effects of taper this week and started to have some life back in them!  Looking at my average paces over the week, you could tell my legs were feeling better compared to peak training. Once this week was over I had to check where it […]

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Taper Observations

Today is one week until AR50! I have been surprisingly calm the last week or two.  Usually during this time in taper I am not the most pleasant person to be around.  I am cranky, irritable and pretty much crazy.  I remember tapering for one marathon in particular where I would cry over the silliest […]

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