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2012 in Pictures

When looking back on 2012, this year wasn’t about the miles I ran, the goals I accomplished, or the finish lines I crossed.  2012 to me was about where I got to run and who I got to run with.  I don’t think I would be able to come close to doing the year justice […]

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It’s no secret that I am a numbers freak.  Not only does my job revolve around numbers (CPA!), but I generally just love them when it comes to pretty much anything.  Obviously that includes running.  My running spreadsheet (yes I have a running spreadsheet) has columns of data with sums, sum if formulas and pivot […]

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I think in all years prior to 2012, August was probably my least favorite month of the year.  Being an avid summer-hater in the past, August was always just hot and dry, and I was always counting down the days until we were closer to fall. But this year it’s a very different story.  I […]

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July was a transition month for me, both in running, and for lack of a better word, in life.  First off, July was about getting back in the swing of running and training after a slow May and June.  I started gaining my confidence again with running, took some risks and stopped being as scared as […]

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June… and I Guess May

Apparently I let May pass without a recap. GASP!  I think that was a first. It was probably because it wasn’t my favorite month in the world, especially when it started.  But now that I can look back on it, I realize it was still a good month running aside and there were some positive […]

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I think April would best be described as a month of extremes. Starting with the highest runner’s high after crossing the finish line of AR50. And ending with some post race blues that were turned into injury sadness and frustration when hearing the words “no running” 3 weeks later. In between those two extremes, I […]

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February didn’t stand a chance, even with a couple taper weeks thrown in there. 352.5 miles!!  That is a new personal record that I think will be sticking around for a while. March was a busy month with obviously so much running and in some beautiful places!   I started the month off with my […]

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Remember how close I was to a new monthly mileage high in January? Remember how I really considered going on a 5 mile run just to beat that old high by a fraction? Remember how I said that I decided not to because I had a feeling February was going to be a good month?  […]

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The First Mile

It was February 9th, 2008. I woke up with a nervous stomach, not sure what to expect from this adventure I was about to embark upon, not sure if I even wanted to go at all.  It is always easier to talk about doing something, but to actually commit to doing something is a whole […]

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So close! January was only 4.7 miles off my highest mileage month ever (last March) coming in at 271.4 miles! While I definitely considered going out on that second run tonight to get me over into the new monthly high, I just decided that I would rather save those 5 miles for February.  I have […]

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