There’s No Place Like…

… the Bay Area in February apparently.


This “winter” (if it can even be called that) has been incredible.  Although we really, really need the rain (we have had the driest couple months in a long time after the craziness that was December 1st), it’s been so nice to run around on dry trails through the green hills in shorts and tank tops. 

You will find absolutely no complaining here.


I have sat down a number of times to blog, but didn’t have the patience to actually put a post together to publish.  I don’t feel the urging need for this outlet like I used to.  If I went almost a month without blogging a year or two ago, I would have felt like my brain was going to explode.  But that’s just not the case anymore.  Just like everything in life goes through phases, I figure this is another phase that I am just going to go with. 


February is actually a pretty big month on this little blog, and a couple big dates that I typically would acknowledge, passed by without much fanfare. 

February 9th marked my 5th year of running.  5 years since the day I ran my first mile of marathon training.  5 years since I committed to a training plan and a race.  5 years since I had no clue what a big shift my life was going to take simply by adding running into it.

I also met this girl 5 years ago on that day!

February 14th marked 5 years since I started this blog.  Just goes to show you how important Valentines Day is around our house.  I still love thinking back to the beginning, and realizing how far my running has come in those 5 years, but also how much it has changed.


So February was a big month for the blog without much blogging.  But I was running!  Minus a couple sick days, I had a pretty great month. 

267.8 miles with 29,845’ gain on a lot of trails with a lot of friends.


I explored so many beautiful places around the place I am lucky enough to call home. 


I ran so many fun new routes I want to tell you all about. 


I even set a PR in a trail race last weekend. 


All those posts will happen as soon as I can peel myself away from memorizing maps, route planning, daydreaming of, and playing in the hills. 


March is going to be an incredible month of races, exploring new places and enjoying my old favorites.  Hopefully my blog posts will be able to keep up with my running.    


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Race Report: 2013 ITR Fort Ord 50k

Back when I was scouring the Inside Trail site for what races I wanted to run in 2013, this race very much jumped out at me.  I had never been running at Fort Ord, and really had no idea what to expect in terms of terrain, but new trails always sound like a good idea […]

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As a person who has always had a big next goal, I am constantly asked the question “what’s next?” or “what are you training for?”  While I do have races on the calendar, the spot on my fridge that typically holds a training plan has been happily empty since December. Running without a training plan […]

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Tour of Diablo

To continue with my birthday celebrations, I tricked talked my fellow trail adventurers Jojo and Jessica into exploring my favorite Bay Area mountain with me.  Kind of a “it’s my birthday and we will run where I want to” kid of thing.  Both girls had been to the summit with me on separate occasions, but […]

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Race Report: 2013 Brazen NYD Half Marathon

Lake Chabot this morning. I just got back from a beautiful morning run with Jess around Lake Chabot and realized that my race report from the New Years Day race around this lake was still sitting in draft form in Windows Live Writer.  So, before I get wrapped up in writing about my Mt. Diablo […]

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Wednesday I turned 50k years old.  Normally I don’t refer to my age in kilometers, but this year it seems appropriate.  To kick off the year of the 50k, I took a vacation day from work and headed to Marin with Chris to show him around Muir Woods and Mt. Tam.  It was another incredibly […]

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Race Report: 2012 ITR Rodeo Beach 30k

I am a little tardy with this race report, you know since this race happened way back in 2012. I didn’t want to end my year of running in the Marin Headlands with a DNF.  I had my eye on this race for a few months, and once I knew I was in good shape […]

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During the last couple peak weeks of North Face training, I vowed that I would take a break from 50 milers and let myself just run for a while.  Instead of planning out trail runs based on distance, I wanted to plan runs specifically because there were trails I wanted to explore.  Instead of adding […]

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Winter Break

I absolutely love this time of year in the East Bay.  All of a sudden you take a second to stop and look around, and the hills have turned a florescent shade of green and the dirt has changed to a dark shade of brown.  It may be sticky, slippery and muddy at times, but […]

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2012 in Pictures

When looking back on 2012, this year wasn’t about the miles I ran, the goals I accomplished, or the finish lines I crossed.  2012 to me was about where I got to run and who I got to run with.  I don’t think I would be able to come close to doing the year justice […]

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