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The North Face 50M: Weeks 16 & 17

Week 16 – Week of November 12th The week I took taper to a whole new level. Monday: rest Tuesday: 7.4 mile trail run – happy my legs were still working after peak week Wednesday: 18 mile trail run 5.2 mile road run I had planned on getting my longest run of the week done […]

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The North Face 50M: Weeks 14 & 15

Hello!  It’s been a while. Now that my peak weeks have come and gone and it’s practically race week, it’s probably time to finish recapping all this running I have been doing that kept me from blogging.  Weeks 14 and 15 were my last 2 big weeks of training and were piggy backing off of […]

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This training cycle has been full of momentum.  Momentum returning to running after being injured.  Momentum building my miles and long runs.  Momentum exploring new trails and finding my confidence as a trail runner. Last week (which I will recap soon), all that momentum came to a screeching halt.  Sure it was a cutback week […]

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Confessions From Ultra Training, Part 4

  I haven’t been so great this training cycle at sitting in front of the computer to let my thoughts just flow out onto the screen.  The “confessions from ultra training” posts during AR50 were my favorite ones to write, and also favorite ones to look back on.  I just haven’t had the time or energy this training […]

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The North Face 50M: Week 9

We’re half way there! Monday 1 hour yoga I broke my rule this week of taking one complete rest day and did yoga on my non-run day.  This wasn’t a very leg intensive class and was just a lot of stretching.  I do not plan on making this a habit, but this week it just […]

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The North Face 50M: My Plan

Subtitle: The Method to My Madness  Although this is not my first 50 miler, this race is an entirely different race than my first one was.  AR50 was half on flat road and the rest very runnable trails (besides the last 3 miles).  My training plan for that race was very specific for that race.  […]

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The North Face 50M: Week 6

The first third of training is now done!  I am working on a post right now about my training plan for this training cycle, so that should be up this week finally.  So, let’s recap last week so I can get back to that training plan…    Monday rest No labor on labor day for me!  […]

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The North Face 50M: Week 5

Weekly recap time!  This week was a big week in back to back runs and I am so happy with how they went!  Overall, I didn’t have as many miles on the trails throughout the week due to daylight, but that’s just something I am going to have to get used to as the days keep getting […]

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It Starts With a Two

Long runs are 100% what made me fall in love with running.  All those years that I spent hating to run, I had just never gone far enough!  Of course then, one of the things I loved the most about training for AR50 was that I got to do two long runs in a row!  […]

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It’s All Coming Back To Me

As my training continues to pick up for my 2nd 50 mile race, there are little (but highly important!) things I keep being reminded of that somehow escaped my brain over the last 5 months while not in training.  This past weekend I was especially reminded of a few of these habits and ideas that I relied upon so heavily during my first […]

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