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The North Face 50M: My Plan

Subtitle: The Method to My Madness  Although this is not my first 50 miler, this race is an entirely different race than my first one was.  AR50 was half on flat road and the rest very runnable trails (besides the last 3 miles).  My training plan for that race was very specific for that race.  […]

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The New Plan

One of the major things I have learned while training for 10 marathons is that no training plan is set in stone.  I love training plans, I love writing them, and I just love having a schedule out in front of me, BUT that does not mean any training plan I write for myself cannot […]

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Earlier this week I decided I needed to do something about this training plan I was using. I need something new.  I need some new training tactics and techniques.  Simply put: my training just needs some spark!   Most importantly, I need a plan that was going to get me in shape enough to complete SFM without being […]

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I Answered, Part 3

You guys have the best questions!  Did you miss Part 1 and Part 2?  Check them out… here we go on Part 3! As always, these are just my thoughts and opinions based on my experiences and observations.  Everyone is different and things apply differently to each person. Tabitha asked: I ran my third half […]

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The New Countdown

Today started the new countdown to my next marathon… San Francisco! I am really excited to run the full in San Francisco again!  It was my first marathon in 2008 and now will be my 11th.  Getting to be a part of it as both an Ambassador and as a pacer for the training program […]

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RRCA Training: My Takeaways

As a runner, I always love hearing about all the different ways to train.  What works for people, what doesn’t work for people, what science proves, and what science doesn’t prove.  There are so many different ways to train and so many conflicting opinions, it can often be very overwhelming and can make a person […]

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day one

day one

today is day one of boston training… 16 weeks to go! i talked about my training plan in this post, but didn’t necessarily talk about the structure of it.  most of my weeks will typically look like this: monday: rest tuesday: easy + hills wednesday: interval thursday: medium long/general aerobic friday: tempo saturday: easy sunday: […]

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my boston training plan

my boston training plan

can you believe it’s almost here?  i am actually going to start my training plan for THE BOSTON MARATHON. eeeeeeeeee!!! it’s been a long time coming and i can’t believe it’s really here now. as you can imagine, i have thought A LOT about this race and how i want to tackle it.  for a […]

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marathon training – the final details

my last step in making my training plan…  getting the final product together and adding in some final details.  if you missed the first two posts, i first picked a base plan, and then tweaked it around for my schedule and preferences. some final details to consider: the course:  is it hilly or flat? is […]

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marathon training: tweaking the schedule

this is following up on my post last week where i started to go through the steps i take when creating my training schedule. to recap: i have assessed what i am looking for in a training plan, picked a base plan, and now it’s time to tweak! first things first… i take out my […]

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