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2 weeks later

2 weeks later

this week has been going well and recovery is going great!  my legs are feeling good and i am just enjoying my runs.  i can’t believe CIM was two weeks ago, kind of feels like a lot longer! quick recap of the week: tuesday only weekday morning run, kept it easy and just got a […]

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flex those muscles

flex those muscles

my last year of college i spent a lot of time in the gym.  i would definitely consider myself a gym rat at that point in my life, now i don’t even have a gym membership! on top of doing cardio on machines, i lifted weights 5 days a week.  i really loved having a […]

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emma’s new PR, a frienniversary and our gym

emma’s new PR, a frienniversary and our gym

first off HUGE congrats to all the racers out there this weekend. seriously, SO many PRs and so many GREAT first marathons, wow. i wish my race was after this weekend because you guys seriously have me pumped up and wanting to run! cannot wait for all these race reports! recovery is going well, my […]

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i want to quit the gym

(name that tv show) in an effort to cut back some places financially, chris and i went through our bills around the start of the year to see where we could save some money. one of the areas we found that could potentially be “cuttable” was the gym membership. chris goes really often, i however […]

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friday rambles…

busy week!!! work has been crazy this week, i am just coming up for some air from a crazy busy morning. thanks again everyone – glad you guys didn’t think i was having a temper tantrum maybe if you could have seen my face as i was typing or seen the IMs i was sending […]

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i *heart* eight & weights…

YAY for eight! i got in an 8 mile run after work today on the iron horse trail… nothing really exciting about it, i almost wasn’t going to post anything until i wrote down my mile splits. i have been really trying to work on starting off slower and getting faster as i go… i […]

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