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2012 Race Schedule, Part 1

This might be a little late to the game since I have already run 3 races this year, but I have been meaning to post my race schedule (that I know of) for at least the first half of 2012.  After that, who knows what will happen. So here it is, what is on my […]

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Pacing Plans

No matter what the race distance, there always seems to be some sort of pacing plan that comes with it.  The patience with the pacing my differ depending on the length of the race, but overall I have used 3 different kinds of pacing plans. I am off to negative split my first marathon! Negative […]

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Giveaway: 13.1 Los Angeles Half Marathon Race Entry

(source) Last year I gave away an entry into the 13.1 Los Angeles Half Marathon that just happened to be on my birthday.   My good friend Alyssa won the entry last year before I even knew!  Even better is that she ran her then PR at that race! This year it’s the day before my […]

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In 2 Weeks…

I have only been to Vegas once in my life and it was for my 21st birthday.  Me and my first legal drink at midnight I am 21! Two weeks from today I will be returning for the first time in almost 9 years! I remember two things about Sin City: There are lots of […]

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CIM Tips and Tricks

The past 3 years, this week has been my peak week of training for the California International Marathon (CIM).  Although it’s not this year for me, it is for so many runners!    I love this race and not just because I have ran my 3 fastest marathons on this course.  I love it for […]

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In the Mood

I have noticed a change of my mood lately… I have been looking at all these races coming up and you know what, I actually want to participate.  I am in the mood to run races!  I used to want to run races all the time, and it wasn’t uncommon for me to race at […]

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Flashback Friday: 19 Half Marathons

I was sitting at my desk the other day thinking about the upcoming Nike Women’s Half Marathon this weekend, when it suddenly occurred to me that it was going to be my 20th half marathon!  I went back and added up all my races to make sure this number was right, and sure enough it […]

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Pleasanton Fast and Furious

Today was the first annual Pleasanton Fast and Furious Festival and what an amazing day it was. It all started early Sunday morning at 8am with a fast 5k course.   Then continued into the “Mile of Truth” with some seriously speedy runners.   The day continued with kid’s runs, many different levels of cycling […]

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Do’s and Don’ts for Race Week

Now that I have had time to really sit back and reflect on everything that happened on Sunday, it’s blaringly apparent why Sunday happened the way it did.  I am usually a very methodical, organized person in the weeks leading up to a marathon and this was not the case for this race.  Even though […]

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Giveaway: Fast & Furious 5k

So now that you all have some fast tunes to run to and we are all getting out the door to do our fast runs, how about testing out that speed at a local 5k?  Although I am not a huge fan of short races (um they hurt!), I think doing a couple of them during different parts […]

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