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Yesterday was the Portland Marathon.    (source) You know that marathon I was supposed to go and run a PR at?  The one that was supposed to be my goal race for the year until I decided to back out?  Yah that one. The PR Plan. As I sat on the couch yesterday morning tracking […]

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PDX Training: 6 Weeks To Go

I am most definitely in a funk right now, there is no denying that.  I thought being  funemployed would help get me into a running routine or at least make me excited to run since I could go run new places and not have to be anywhere after.  Instead it has caused me to have […]

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PDX Training: 7 Weeks To Go

Despite some obstacles this week (stubbing my toe, getting a migraine, and getting a couple blisters), I still managed to complete most of all of my runs and have a pretty good week!  There was definitely some shifting, but overall it worked for this week.  Monday rest Tuesday 9 GA (General Aerobic) team lemon run […]

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PDX Training: 8 Weeks To Go

I am going to count down backwards for the rest of my recaps until Portland!  Obviously I am a numbers person and with my training being all weird with having SFM in the middle, counting down just sounds better to me.  I know I am weird. As I mentioned on Friday, this week I struggled […]

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