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The Breaking Point

I decided to train for and run AR50 because I wanted a new challenge.  I wanted to set new goals, push new limits and see what I had in me.  Of course when I made my training plan, I didn’t just set out to do the bare minimum.  I created a challenging, aggressive plan that […]

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After the Race

We train for months and months.  We put in countless hours of our time and experience every extreme of emotion along the way.  We think about race day, how it will turn out, what we will feel like at the finish.  Then before we know it, it’s all over. A few weeks ago when I […]

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dealing with disappointment

dealing with disappointment

we train for months, we make sacrifices, we put our hearts and souls into training, then race day comes and its over with in the blink of an eye (although at the time it can certainly feel like eternity).  sometimes things go exactly as planned and we have the races we dreamed of and trained […]

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the other side

the other side

as we get more and more into marathon season and races come and go, along with those races comes the ups and downs of it all.  the celebration of accomplishing our goals and crossing the finish lines, but also the heartache and disappointment that comes when we don’t.  not every part of racing season is […]

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sunshine and butterflies

first off, happy national running day!  i don’t know if mine was the “happiest” but i did run i have said before when talking to my friends that running is not always sunshine and butterflies, especially in the pursuit to get faster.  it is hard work, it’s not always fun, and it hurts.  on the […]

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races are a funny thing and runners are even funnier.  we push our bodies to our limits, sometimes we give in to those limits and sometimes we push them even further and actually push beyond them.  what happens on race day happens.  there is no going back and no way to recreate the moment to […]

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in my head

in my head

thank you for all the awesome comments yesterday and thank you to all the new commenters!  i hope to be catching up with you soon sometimes i have things going on in my head that i don’t really want to blog about just because my ideas seem a little crazy.  then every time i do, […]

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one of those weeks…

one of those weeks…

this was one of those weeks for me, and not the good ones… the weeks where you struggle to get out the door for every run, where you question your goals and why you are training, where you consider just quitting. the numbers don’t look so bad when you put them on paper, but if […]

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i am going to be whiny for a minute… bear with me. monday marks 12 weeks until my next goal marathon. i have two revised training plans sitting in front of me that i am deciding between for the next 12 weeks. the major difference revolves around this one doubt… the san francisco marathon i […]

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10 days ago…

10 days ago…

…i was on my way back from eugene with sore legs, a sore spirit, a pretty medal and another marathon under my belt. looking back over the past 10 days i am definitely feeling better… there are lots of things I KNOW but still take a little convincing, but i am getting there. i know […]

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