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Recovering From IT Band Injury

I am a semi-superstitious person in that I am hesitant to say things unless I know for certain they are true for fear of jinxing whatever I am talking about.  So, saying I am recovered from my IT Band injury may be something that I never really end up saying.  For now, let’s just say things are […]

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Green Light

Last week I was given the green light to start running again.  Not 2 mile runs or run/walks, but my version of running. I immediately left my ART appointment, laced up my Brooks, and hit the trails for 20 miles. Kidding!! Yes I was given the green light to start running again, but that doesn’t […]

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Six Weeks Later

Saturday I decided to take my leg out and give it a little test run on the trails.  It had been far too long since I had dirt underneath my running shoes, so although I was really nervous for this run, I was really excited for it too. I dusted off my trail running shoes […]

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Doctor’s Orders

Monday night I went back to ART, just every other Monday for the last few weeks.  It had been 2 very long weeks since I was told not to run, and this week I was cautiously optimistic that I might be told running is ok.  Even just a tiny bit. Each week when I walk […]

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With A Little Help…

So apparently I took a little blogging break.  I guess I was following the motto “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all” hence nothing at all on the blog. After my last post where I wrote about all the progress I had made mentally with this injury, I was […]

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Over the past week, I have noticed a lot of progress in myself.  Not necessarily in my leg, though I hope that is coming along, but more in my general attitude towards this injury. At first I was really sad, and I will admit I did cry a few times.  I didn’t want to think about not running […]

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No Running

I had this positive, peppy post drafted in my head last week that I never ended up sitting down to write.  It was going to talk about my rest week, my ART appointment, and how I was very hopeful that I would be as good as new this week. While I would love to sit […]

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