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WW: Summertime

I almost forgot it was Wednesday! Kylie and Emma aren’t a big fan of these heat waves we keep having.  It’s just too hot to play outside and they would rather spend the day inside the air conditioned house (just like their mom!). It’s too hot to be outside. UNLESS… Their favorite summer time toy […]

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WW: Taking Over

It’s Wednesday! Lately I have noticed a certain someone named Bailey who has moved from her normal sleeping spot on her cat bed… …to a new spot on the dog bed, taking over someone else’s spot. Emma has noticed too.   Kylie also noticed but is nice enough to share with her sister, even if it was […]

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WW: Show Off

Since Emma gets to show off her favorite toy all the time… Tennis ball Kylie wanted to show off HER favorite toy on this week’s Wednesday Woofs. Meet Kylie’s tire. When she was a puppy my dad let us take one of the tires he had laying around (he is a car guy).  For some […]

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Wednesday Woofs

It’s Wednesday, so you know what that means – puppy picture time! I took a ridiculous amount of pictures (what else is new) of the dogs playing last Friday.  Kylie and Emma’s younger Aunt Bella (my mom’s dog) was here visiting so they had some fun play time! Here is some of my favorites…  Emma […]

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Wednesday Woofs

Random pictures found on my iPhone! Kylie collects things.  Kitchen towels and socks are her favorite items.  Every morning we wake up and she has something new on her bed with her.  She never tears them up, just likes to have them with her.  This day she sat on the couch with this sock in […]

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Wednesday Woofs

Kylie is a jumper.  It’s one of her many talents (others include speaking, shaking, the cutest “down” and just being adorable).   This past weekend at the park I was finally able to document the jumping! I don’t remember when we figured out that she liked to jump, I think it was probably when we were playing […]

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Wednesday Woofs

Yah I know it’s a little corny, but it works.  Kind of. We all know I am obsessed in love with my dogs, so I thought it would be fun to post about them once a week.  Plus everyone seems to love pictures of Kylie and Emma, I mean how can you not?  I know […]

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An Unplanned Run

I didn’t plan on running yesterday, but my evening meeting got cancelled and I was left home with a free evening! Kylie and Emma were just hanging out, looking rather bored. This is boring snoring mom   So I decided it would be a great time to take them on their first run in a […]

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Our Treadmill

It’s no secret that I am not a fan of the treadmill.  I avoid this thing at all costs and yes we have one in our house. When Chris and I first started running we bought it thinking it would get TONS of use.  Hah.  I get on it maybe once a year if that, […]

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The Baby

This puppy, the baby of our family, was born 5 years ago today!  13 days after her big sister. Emma is always happy… She loves her food… She is the best fetcher… The best cuddler & relaxer… Loves the water… Does get into some trouble… And is just a crazy girl. Happy Birthday Emma!

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