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Boston With Love

I have been writing and re-writing posts in my head ever since the awful tragedies on Monday but have been completely struggling with what to say.  Part of me didn’t want to write anything since so much has already been said way better than I could ever say it, but the other part of me […]

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One Month Later

I was looking at the calendar today and was shocked to see that today was already the 18th!  Wasn’t it just May 1st, how can it be May 18th already?  The first thing that popped into my head was that it was one month until Chris and my wedding anniversary!  SIX whole years coming up […]

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Big Sur Training: Week 1

Hah. I signed up for the Boston 2 Big Sur Challenge a while ago and am actually dreading excited to run another marathon next weekend, even though it’s going to be really tough. I ran The Big Sur Marathon last year and it was amazing.  The most beautiful and most challenging course I have ran.  […]

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My First Boston: The Pictures

To conclude my many posts in the “My First Boston” series, I made a slide show video with tons of pictures towards the end of this post.   This journey has been so much fun, better than I ever could have expected.  I am so happy everything came together just like I hoped and I […]

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My First Boston: After the Race

When we left off I was still smiling and showing off my medal… Then I had important things to attend to…   That night we had a big team party where I shoved my face with delicious macaroni and cheese, drank beers and recapped the day with tons of friends including Page!  We were obviously […]

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Race Report: 2011 Boston Marathon

I am having a hard time finding the right words to fully express this day, I just want to do it justice!  I really tried to go into this race without a ton of expectations, but with a race like Boston that is pretty much impossible.  It gets so built up from everyone who has […]

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My First Boston: Marathon Eve

Going back a couple days… I woke up pretty early on Sunday morning since Chris had signed up to run the 5k, but it wasn’t hard since I was full of nerves the second I opened my eyes.  This was the first time during the whole weekend I actually felt nervous.  I think being able […]

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My First Boston: I did it!

I can’t stop smiling. What an amazing day.  From walking to the buses, to sitting in Athlete’s Village, to waiting in my corral, to running the race… it was all just amazing and I am so happy with how it went. I knew early on a PR wasn’t in the books – it was hot […]

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My First Boston: Thankful

As I sit in athlete’s village getting ready to start my very first Boston Marathon I want you all to know how much you mean to me and how much I will be thinking about you while I am out running today.  I honestly don’t know where my running would be without my incredible support […]

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Boston Training: Week 16

16 weeks ago I started training.  The weeks ticked by, my mileage increased and my training plan had alterations a number of times.  I tried to take everything in each week, knowing how fast this day would be here, but of course it still flew by. Now we are here at the end of the […]

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