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The Best Part

Sometimes I get frustrated with blogging and I question whether or not I want to continue.  It’s not like I have to do it, it’s completely by choice, but every so often it sounds nice to just drop off the blogosphere and not think about it anymore. Then there are weeks like this week that […]

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Just like I celebrated my 4th runniversary last week, today is another milestone. My blog is celebrating it’s fourth birthday! I decided to start this blog back when I first started running to keep my family and friends updated on my training as I was fundraising.  I had zero idea that there was a “blogging […]

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7 Links

I was nominated by Jen and Amber to do the 7 links post that is going around blogland right now.  I love this post so I was excited to play along!  Here we go… My Most Beautiful Post This one was tough for me since I don’t really consider any of my posts “beautiful.”  I […]

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Three years ago today I wrote my very first post on runner’s rambles.  Today, on my blog’s third birthday, I am posting my 600th! At the time, I had a few friends who had blogs.  They were not about running, but I loved reading them and thought it would be a fun outlet to have […]

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2011: new year, new goals, new look

New Year Happy 2011! I find it so refreshing to start a new year with a clean slate and a lot to look forward to. I am really excited for this year and all the fun things that are on their way!  So many possibilities, who knows what will happen. New Goals I have thought […]

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friday favorites – blog posts

i added a new page to the top of the blog to go along with my story and my race schedule and reports… it’s all my favorite posts put into categories! so definitely go check it out. i haven’t been through this entire blog yet, but i will keep sorting and adding to it as […]

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friday favorites – social media

social media has become a huge part of our world today and is a big part of my everyday life.  i don’t even have to check the news very often anymore because when something big happens, almost instantly someone posts something on facebook or twitter.  in addition social media has created a huge support network […]

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friday favorites – blogging

thanks for the suggestions yesterday – i will definitely be getting to them all in the upcoming weeks! today i my favorites are going to be some topics with blogging, because i do love blogging! blogger friends as you can see from my 400th post, blogging has introduced me to many new running friends which […]

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tiart: run, blog, repeat!

this post is part of runner’s lounge take it and run thursday. this week’s theme is: running blogs, how and why. i started my running blog pretty much right when i started running. i have a couple friends who have blogs and i was always reading theirs but didn’t really know what i would write […]

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TIART: addicted!

i decided to make my debut to the TIART runner’s lounge topics this week since it is on one of my favorite topics: running blogs!! i have felt very overwhelmed trying to figure out how to narrow down and give recognition to those blogs i read, without leaving out the other great ones also. so […]

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