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Point Reyes

Jojo, Jessica and I have been using birthdays as an excuse this year to do something different with our runs and go explore somewhere fun.  We planned ahead and reserved a weekend in March that worked for all of us, and let Jojo – the birthday girl – pick which location she wanted to run […]

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To The Top, Again

Back in February, I took my friend Kerry to the top of Mt. Diablo as part of her Bay Area Bucket list.  I hadn’t been back to the summit since that day, mostly because I was training for AR50, then recovering from it.  It’s a pretty tough run, so I never wanted to risk being […]

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Bay Area Trail Running

A very frequent question I have been getting from readers is where to go trail running in the Bay Area, and along with that, how to find trails.  One thing trail running has made me realize, is how much I love where I live.  We have access to so many trails, all with different terrains […]

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SFM Love

After a long day of travelling, last night I happily landed in San Francisco with a big weekend ahead.  Last year, this was a very busy week and weekend for me, so it’s kind of become a joke that SFM week is the busiest of the year.  When I found out I was leaving the […]

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Crewing Lake Sonoma 50

Just when I thought I couldn’t be more inspired by trail running and ultra-marathoning, yesterday happened. My training partner Jojo had her first 50 miler Saturday – the Lake Sonoma 50.  I was lucky enough to get to be a part of her big day and try to return some of the amazing support she […]

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Before, During, After

Before… Brand new pretty gore-tex shoes being tested for the first time (and little did I know how tested they would be!). During… A reward of beautiful views of the CA coastline after climbing some messy muddy hilly trails. A visit to the magical Muir Woods.   All on a preview of the North Face […]

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To The Top

My good friend Kerry is sadly moving away in a couple of months, but the awesome part is she has created a “Bay Area Bucket List” of things she wants to do and see before she leaves.  She has been checking them off left and right and I was lucky enough to get to join […]

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Race Report: 2012 CTR Golden Gate Marathon

When I first started making my training plan for AR50, I printed out the dates of all the local trail races to see what matched up.  Running trail races as training runs is so great – the course is marked, there is food at the aid stations and just the general feel of trail races […]

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Today I had 14-15 miles to run on trails.   Today I really wanted to run farther, but I was a good girl and listened to my training plan that said this week is a cutback week even though I wanted to ignore it. Today I met up with my friend Jojo to run in the […]

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Race Report: 2012 ITR Brooks Falls Half Marathon

I had gone back and forth on running this race and still hadn’t decided on Wednesday last week.  Billy must have been reading my mind because I got a message from him asking if I wanted an entry to run the inaugural Inside Trail Racing event.  A quick check in with my plans and I was in, […]

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