The North Face 50M: Weeks 11 & 12

Week 11 was a cutback week and I ended up cutting wayyyy back.  I had strategically planned this week as a cutback week knowing I would have a lot of important things going on, but I still had hoped to get in some decent mileage.  I ended up just feeling generally run down, so I took advantage of the down week and took some extra days off of running.  Knowing I had 4 big weeks of running ahead, I knew I would be better off getting some extra rest than running myself into the ground unnecessarily.

Week 11 – Week of October 8th

Monday: 1 hr yoga, no running
Tuesday: 8 mile road run (8.6 miles/9:40 avg)
Wednesday: 11 mile road run (10.8 miles/9:23 avg)
Thursday: 12 11 mile road run (11.0 miles/9:36 avg)

I had planned on running 12/18 for my back to backs this week, so I had planned this was my first long run of the week before work… it does look weird since it was following my ML run on Wednesday.  This week clearly made no sense.

photo (2)

Friday: 18 12 mile trail run (12.0 miles/11:41 avg/1947’ gain)

I met up with Jessica, Alyssa and Jojo for an early morning run in the Headlands!  I was so excited to have some company after the prior week’s long solo runs.  I was not feeling fantastic though and could just not convince myself to go out on another 6 miles after the group was done so I called it a day.

That night was a big night for my house, a night we have been waiting years for.  Chris graduated from fire academy with his new department and I proudly got to pin his badge on him. 

Oct 067

The rest of the weekend was spend celebrating with family and recuperating from the incredibly busy, stressful last 4 months. 

Saturday: rest
Sunday: 12 mile trail run rest

Totals for Week 11
Miles: 42.4
Time: 7:10:49 + 1 hr yoga
Elevation Gain: 2,985’

Week 12 – Week of October 15th

I took off the beginning of the week to hang out with Chris since he didn’t have his first shift for a few days.  I struggled really bad mentally through the beginning of this week.  I didn’t want to run and felt like crap whenever I went out.  I eventually found my motivation and ended up having a really great week by the end.  It’s funny how quickly they can turn around!

Monday: 6 mile trail run (6.0 miles/11:06 avg/708’ gain)
Tuesday: rest
Wednesday: 11 mile trail run (11.1 miles/10:27 avg/1,329’ gain)
Thursday: double day… am – 8 mile road run (8.0 miles/9:39 avg), pm – 4 mile road run (4.0 miles/9:56 avg)
Friday: 6 mile road run (6.5 miles/9:44 avg)

photo 1

Saturday: 28 mile trail run (28.2 miles/11:32 avg/5239’ gain)

I knew I needed some help getting my butt out the door and on the trails for 5.5 hours that day, so I met up with the Run 365 Training Group (associated with The San Francisco Marathon) since they are training for The North Face too!  I know the coach and had met a few others before, but didn’t know that many people.  Everyone was so friendly and welcoming and it was great to be out there with a big group of runners.  I ran parts with different people and some on my own, and I felt really strong the whole time including coming out of Muir Beach where I “left my soul” back in March.  

We ran a nice chunk of the course for North Face and I was reminded how tough this race is going to be.  The hills are unrelenting and very long and just don’t stop.  

Elev 001

The views and scenery are worth every painful, wonderful second though.  It’s going to be an amazing race and although this run was a nice little wake up call, it also got me really excited for December 1st.

photo 4

Sunday: 22 mile trail run (22.4 miles/11:05/3,187’ gain)

I happily headed out on this run by myself with sore legs from the day before, but a newly motivated spirit.  It was one of the first days it really felt like fall and I relished in every second.  I stuck to my favorite go to route and just cruised along.  I was so surprised at how strong I felt and was very happy to finish off the week feeling so great when I started feeling so not great.

Totals for Week 12
Miles: 86.4
Time: 15:39:08
Elevation Gain: 10,463

Weeks 13, 14 and 15 are all planned big weeks and then it’s time to taper already! 

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  1. Jean October 27, 2012 at 7:49 pm #

    Man, just looking at that course profile makes me tired. Wow!

  2. Cathryn October 28, 2012 at 7:47 am #

    What do you do to edit your pics? They always look spectacular, I wondered if you put them through a filter or something, or if you just attract amazing skies!!!

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