The North Face 50M: Week 10

This was my 3rd week in a row of building up my long runs and mileage.  I had to move a couple runs around, but overall was happy with the runs and mileage I got in.  Right on track!


I skipped out on my Monday yoga class to make sure I took a full rest day.  My body thanked me for it.

7 mile road run

Run to coffee!! 

7.2 miles/1:08:30/9:29 avg

7 mile road run + 1 hour yoga

I met up with my early o’clock friend for a dark run.  She had things to do after 7 miles and I wasn’t feeling any more.  I would usually do my double day on a day like this, but I had dinner plans with a friend that night. 

7.5 miles/1:11:42/9:35 avg

I went to yoga at lunch which was so great.  I am really enjoying yoga (even though I am awful) and really look forward to going.

am: 10 mile road run
pm: 5 mile trail run

Medium long day and double day.  Wow I missed the trails.

photo 3 (2)photo 2 (3)

am: 10.0 miles/1:36:47/9:38 avg
pm: 5.0 miles/51:22/10:15 avg/717’ gain

6 mile trail run

Easy solo run.

6.2 miles/1:03:40/10:20 avg/478’ gain

photo 1 (2)

26 mile trail run

My solo marathon!  I really wanted to use this weekend of not having any friends to run with to my advantage and get some mental training in.  It can be really hard to run that far alone but it’s always good to have that practice come race day.  Turns out I didn’t need much mental strength, I just happily kept on running and never really hit any lows.  I hoped I could continue that trend through the next day. 

26.5 miles/4:57:20/11:13 avg/3580’ gain

photo 2 (2)

20 mile trail run

More solo miles!  I left from my front door and figured out a way to connect to my favorite trails by using other random trails, and it worked!  Although it wasn’t the most scenic route (and when I realized how spoiled I am when it comes to trail running), I was really excited to have accomplished this by only running on pavement for about 2 miles.  I had planned on an out and back, but couldn’t make myself turn around.  Instead I texted Chris lovingly asking for him to pick me up a couple hours later, which he did.  I had another strong run, both physically and mentally, but was wiped out and completely useless once the afternoon hit.   

20.1 miles/3:37:05/10:49 avg/2587’ gain

Totals for Week 10
Miles: 82.5
Time: 14:26:26
Elevation Gain: 8324’ 

After 3 weeks of building, week 11 is a much needed cutback week (and technically my last one)!  It’s getting closer.

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4 Responses to The North Face 50M: Week 10

  1. greengirlrunning October 11, 2012 at 8:14 pm #

    Those pictures are gorgeous! Nice job with your trail 20 miler :)

  2. Alyssa October 12, 2012 at 10:30 am #

    Wow you are a serious running baller! Back to back 20+ milers. You go girl!

  3. Christine October 14, 2012 at 6:31 am #

    Great runs! Reading your blog really makes me want to run a 50k race :-)

  4. Buttons Mom October 15, 2012 at 1:10 pm #

    Hi Aron — I did my first 5K Saturday at the Oktobrewfest in Davis. Who knew that beer would taste soooo good right after a run?! But I just wanted to thank you for sharing your ramblings on running and your stunning photos. I’ve learned so much about the sport of running through your blog. You’ve truly been an inspiration to my running endeavors!

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