The North Face 50M: Week 6

The first third of training is now done!  I am working on a post right now about my training plan for this training cycle, so that should be up this week finally

So, let’s recap last week so I can get back to that training plan…   


No labor on labor day for me!  First, no work means no Monday yoga, so that was out.  I had grand plans to take advantage of my day off and hit the trails, but I ended up sleeping in and being lazy on the couch for an extended amount of time that morning.  Then it was just too warm and I didn’t want to go.  Rest wins!

7 mile road run

Road run with the work crew.

6.5 miles/59:53/9:16 avg

am: 10 mile road/trail run
pm: 4 mile trail run

One thing I am working on this training cycle is not having set things for each day of the week.  A double day one Tuesday might not work the next Tuesday, so I just try to plan each week depending on what is going on and go from there.  It’s really nice to have the flexibility to plan around life’s happenings.

That morning I headed out for a run and felt awful.  It had been a long time since I felt that bad on a run.  My energy was just gone and my legs didn’t want to move.  I just kept going and really considered calling it quits a few miles in.  I made it back to my car but had started feeling better, so since the sun was coming up, I ran to the trails and ended up getting 10 miles in for the day (3-4 on the trails).  It was a very big reminder to me that those first few miles really can suck and sometimes you just have to keep running and you will feel better (but not always).

10.0 miles/1:35:43/9:33 avg/602’ gain


I didn’t have anything going on that evening so I headed out for a quick trail run.  There is something about putting my feet on dirt that automatically gives my legs life.  I was so happy to be out there running and it was such a beautiful night.  The clouds were awesome and the sunset that evening ended up being one of the best ones I have ever seen.

4.1 miles/41:14/10:03 avg/436’ gain

11 mile trail run

I took a couple friends who wanted to get their long run in for the week on my favorite trail loop.  It was another gorgeous morning.

10.9 miles/1:59:00/10:58 avg/1304’ gain

6 mile road/trail run

Another run starting on the road while the sun finishes rising and then hitting the trails for a couple miles after the sun is up.  I am still figuring out how to adapt to the darker mornings while clinging on to as many trail miles as I can get.

6.0 miles/1:001:18/10:13 avg


18 mile trail run

Alyssa has been asking to go to specific places that I post pictures of (I want to go here! and shows me a picture), so we made plans to do a long run on the trails together.  I was so excited to play tour guide on my favorite trails.  We turned it into a slumber party and Page and Cate joined for dinner, beers and catching up… it was so great.

Alyssa and I made it to the trails early and took our time running around.  I had so much fun watching her expressions as we would reach the top of a hill and she could experience all the beauty I get to see so often.  It was a very fun morning. 

18.1 miles/3:26:46/11:25 avg/2309’ gain


22 mile trail run

Inside Trail K2 Summit 35k race with Jessica!

21.5 miles/4:13:57/11:47 avg/2533’ gain

Totals for Week 6
Miles: 77.1 (61.4 on trails)
Time: 13:57:51
Elevation Gain: 7,677’

That week finishes off 3 weeks of building and it’s time for a cutback week! 

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3 Responses to The North Face 50M: Week 6

  1. Liz September 13, 2012 at 4:01 am #

    I love that you’ve started posting more trail pictures, especially the evening ones! Makes me miss the Bay Area sunsets (the East Coast does not compare).

    Also, I was wondering – do you find that running as much as you do makes you more likely to lose weight or gain weight? I was reading some articles about people gaining weight during marathon training, but since ultras are such different beasts, I’m kind of curious as to the impact on the body/differences in eating to fuel training, etc. Running nutrition is definitely an area of interest to me and I would love to see more posts about it if you ever get the chance!

  2. Marlene September 13, 2012 at 7:05 am #

    Ooh, I like the new blog banner!

    Another solid week on the trails. Love it!!

  3. Christine September 13, 2012 at 5:41 pm #

    LOVE LOVE the new header!! :)

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