I know we are all probably burned out on 2011 recaps by now, but I just can’t skip it…  my 2011 recap is here! 

The Goals

When this year started I had 3 goals.  These were very different goals from what I had done in prior years.  No time goals, no set numbers, no pre-planned year.  Instead I wanted to focus on an overall feeling and attitude that I wanted to embrace for the year.

When I was faced with a decision or wanted to commit to something, I tried to come back to these 3 things.  Sometimes I did, sometimes I didn’t, but overall I think I did a good job on what I set out to do.

Be in the present: I wanted to focus on now.  On this race.  On this week’s training plan.  Instead of jumping ahead and being consumed by what race I had 5 months down the road, I wanted to be in the present with my running and enjoy what I had going on right then.

I held myself back from signing up for races too far in advance, and even when that happened, I wasn’t afraid to step back and change my plans when I needed to.  I listened to my heart, to my body and did I wanted to do at the present moment this year. 

Be unpredictableMy 2008 – 2010 looked a lot a like.  3 CIMs, 3 Healdsburg Half Marathons, similar training plans.  I wanted my year not to look like the previous years. 

I shook it up this year.  I did back to back marathons, I didn’t run CIM, and I backed out of a marathon because my heart wasn’t in it.  All these things were definitely different from the previous years and these only touched on a few.  This is something I still want to work on.

Be involved: I wanted to get more involved with my running community and give back just a little bit. 

I think I nailed this one on the head and may have even gone overboard at times.  While this was definitely the most rewarding part of my year, there were times when I was really burned out and overcommitted.  Would I do it again?  In a heartbeat.  The people I met and the lessons I learned through this are invaluable to me.

The Numbers

The Months

Blog 038

January – 229.5 miles

I turned 29, the blog got a make-over and I started co-hosting a weekly track workout.


February – 197.8 miles

I got my RRCA Coach certification and Kristin and I started team lemon run club!


March276.1 miles (current monthly mileage PR!)

I ran 4 60+ weeks in the middle of peak Boston training and things started getting very real.

2011 Boston Marathon 023

April – 150.4 miles

The month I had dreamed about for a very long time – Boston Marathon month!  Chris also took a huge leap of faith with pursuing a new career.


May – 160.1 miles

I finished The Boston 2 Big Sur challenge while crossing the finish line to my 10th marathon!


June – 239.9 miles

Kristin and I were asked to be Run Ambassadors for lululemon and I organized a huge Bay Area Blogger meet-up!

SFM 323

July – 221.7 miles

The craziest month and also the San Francisco Marathon, my 1st in 2008 and my 11th in 2011!

Aug 047

August – 175.3 miles

I tried to find my training motivation by getting on my road bike, out on the trails and anything else I could think of.  I also quit my job.

Sept 032

September – 121.6 miles

My life changed for the better with starting my new job.  I also admitted burn out and decided not to run a fall marathon and have fun the rest of the year.

NWM 051a

October – 156.4 miles

I faced a big fear and road up Mt. Diablo on my bike and ran the Nike Women’s Half Marathon, which also happened to be my 20th half!


November – 202.3 miles

I kicked my “afraid to race” hesitation to the curb and ran a bunch of races.

Dec 458a

December – 213.3 miles

I went to Vegas, met a bunch of bloggers, went to a bunch of parties, started training for my first 50 milers, took a trip to Tahoe and finished the year with a trail half marathon.

And just like that it was over.

This was a rewarding year.  I learned so much, I grew up a lot and finished the year in a much better place then when I started… a truly happy, content place.  I had so many amazing opportunities and am so grateful for everything that happened.  

I think the most rewarding part of 2011 though was all the friendships I made, the ones I kept and the ones that grew.  My running network grew exponentially and I have added so many true amazing friendships into my life.  I feel so lucky to know so many great people and look forward to all the fun times ahead in 2012!

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6 Responses to 2011

  1. Celia January 6, 2012 at 3:03 pm #

    You had a really great year! I loved following you in your adventures!

  2. Marlene January 6, 2012 at 3:07 pm #

    What a different year for you, and still good in so many ways. This helps me have faith that I will still be happy when I change things up quite a bit next year… oops, this year. I keep forgetting it’s 2012 already. WOW.

    Pssssssssssst. OMG we turn 30 this year…

  3. Shannon @ Mon Amour January 6, 2012 at 3:33 pm #

    You did some amazing things last year! Admitting burn out is tough

  4. Cate January 6, 2012 at 5:00 pm #

    Such a great year!

  5. Nelly January 6, 2012 at 5:09 pm #

    You had a great 2011! That pic of the track is awesome. Running Boston did sound like it was a great experience. It seemed like you did get burned out after Big Sur, that might be expected with how many marathons you’ve run over a short amount of time. Seems like your 50K race will go great.

  6. Jaime January 7, 2012 at 8:36 pm #

    Great 2011!! I know I don’t always comment, but I love reading your blog. Happy 2012!!!

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