Weekly Recap: A Week of Trotting

What a fun week of running!  This is seriously the best time of year to run, I can’t get enough.  This week was pretty much overcome with Turkey Trots, well at least the weekend was, so a week of trotting it is! 

I was pretty much able to hit all my base building goals this week or at least close enough!  Almost 50 miles, one double day, one trail run, one double digit run.  Success!

Thank you Daily Mile
Nov 113


Mondays are for rest in my book.  I have tried to make Mondays a run day (and do if I have other commitments throughout the week), but most of the time I find that it’s just too hard for me to get up and get a run in on Mondays.  Ever since I have figured that out and accepted it, my schedule has gone quite nicely!

am: 8 mile run
pm: 4 mile run

Morning run with my work friends!  We took our hillier route and I was a little tired in parts, but my legs warmed up as they went like always.

8.0 miles/1:11:56/8:57 avg pace

Then team lemon run club with Kristin that evening!  It was dark and we took a different route this week winding around Walnut Creek.

3.9 miles/36:34/9:29 avg pace

5 mile run

I actually ran alone!  I have been running with friends so much lately, that it was actually a little strange to run completely on my own.  It was nice to have a little alone time and just zone out.  I will admit it was a little harder getting out the door!

5.0 miles/44:14/8:56 avg pace

7 mile run

Another pre-work run with my work friends.

7.4 miles/1:07:08/9:05 avg pace

4 mile run

Dark morning run with the girls finishing at coffee.  Did you know I like coffee?   

4.0 miles/37:21/9:21 avg pace

Nov 111

10 mile run

5k and 10k turkey trots in Davis with Amy!

10.6 miles/1:27:50/8:17 avg pace

Nov 114

8 mile trail run

Pleasant Hill turkey trot in Briones!  Mud + hills = fun.

8.4 miles/1:27:27/10:24 avg pace

Weekly total: 47.3 miles

This week I am hoping to up the trail running a bit, which shouldn’t be too hard with a long weekend.  Just a couple more weeks until the training plan comes out!

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3 Responses to Weekly Recap: A Week of Trotting

  1. Carlos November 21, 2011 at 7:18 pm #

    If I only had your ability to run that much…I’m lucky if I 30 in. I do 90% of my running alone…because I run when I get off of work and for me that is at 5…in the morning.

  2. marlene November 22, 2011 at 5:58 am #

    Super fun week! Sooo great that you get to run with work friends before work. JEALOUS!!!

    Enjoy the short week!

  3. Angela @ MyPinkyToes November 22, 2011 at 12:02 pm #

    I love reading your running week recaps because they are always so inspiring! You are awesome! I totally love the idea of two a days, and hopefully I will start incorporating some into my routine soon!
    Happy Thanksgiving week!

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