SFM Training: Week 8

This week I had some great runs, a reality check, and a little too much fun.  I ended up not getting in the total miles that I hoped, but the miles I did get in were great, so I am just going to count this as a cut back week in the volume area and pick it back up this week!


9 easy

lululemon run club night!  I ran 4 miles before meeting at the store at 6:30 for our normal 5 mile run.  Kristin and I ran together like always and we decided to pick it up a bit the last couple miles.

9.0 miles/1:21:23/9:03 avg pace

9 miles with hill repeats

For whatever reason I could NOT get out of bed Wednesday morning and really struggled getting out the door after work.  I think I need these kind of situations every once in a while to remind me how happy I am when I do get my runs done in the morning, no matter how hard it is to get out of bed.

I finally made it out the door and started running.  I almost turned around a number of times but just kept on going.  Finally I was getting into a groove and feeling better!  I decided to get in my planned hill repeats and ran to a hill and got going.  I actually had fun!  I really like the hill work that I am slowly adding in and can feel it working. 

6 x 1min at 3k pace – average pace for 6 repeats was 6:53

I ran back home so happy that I had finished up the workout!

9.3 miles/1:21:14/8:43 avg pace

am: 10 progression w/last 6 moderate
pm: 5 easy (not planned but it happened!)

I didn’t have any problem getting out of bed this morning and had another great run.  I kept my first 4 miles easy (9:05 avg) then picked up the pace for the last 6 (8:23 avg).  Another run I was really happy with.

10.0 miles/1:26:41/8:40 avg pace

What I failed to really watch out for here was that I had done 2 quality workouts in a 12 hour span.  Although they both went great and I felt great, I know better than to do this and it did come back to bite me, especially when silly me added in a double on Thursday too.

The San Francisco lululemon store was kicking off their run club, so I couldn’t help myself and really wanted to go!  I hopped on Bart and made my way over to the store where I met up with Alyssa and Katie and Kristin!

Me and Alyssa   

I knew right away I was tired and climbing some giant hills through SF wasn’t helping much.  I decided to go with the 4.5 mile group once we hit the turn off around mile 3.  I was just plain TIRED!  Alyssa pointed out to me that I had pretty much run a marathon in a 24 hour span so hello you should be tired!  Duh Aron. 

4.7 miles/42:51/9:07 avg pace

It ended up being a late night getting home from the city and winding down but it was so fun to see my friends in the middle of the week! 

6 easy rest

I woke up Friday morning to meet Kristin to run early before we had a mini-photo shoot for lululemon, but when my alarm went off I felt like my body had been hit by a truck.  I wonder why?  I decided to sleep a little longer and see how I was feeling in another hour to squeeze in a couple miles, but I definitely needed as much sleep as I could get.  I figured I could squeeze some miles in later or just take it as a rest day since I did run the night before. 

Sneak peak
2011-07-01 08.31.44a

I took Emma to the vet that afternoon and finally made it home 3 hours later.  Making an appointment at a vet 20 miles away the afternoon of a holiday weekend probably wasn’t the best idea.  Good news is that her legs look great!  Rest and anti-inflammatories hopefully will do the trick and she will be running again in a few weeks.

Being brave at the vet

When I got home it was 100 degrees out, I hadn’t eaten lunch and I was tired, so a rest day was the only sane option for me.  Plus I had fun running plans the next morning!

16 long

The sweet sixteen long run in cool San Francisco!

June 002a

16.0 miles/2:19:39/8:38 avg pace

6 easy rest

We ended up going out for Stephen’s birthday Saturday night and had a little too much fun.  It was very worth it and we had a great time, but I spent most of Sunday on the couch being reminded of why I don’t do things like that very often anymore!

Even Bentley needed sunglasses Sunday morning.

Essentially I skipped one run which happens, and I had a bunch of other great runs!  Although I didn’t it my total mileage goal for the week, it was still a strong week and I am sure my legs will thank for me for the volume decrease over the next couple big weeks.

Total for Week 8: 49.2 miles

Happy 4th of July!!! 

Hope you are having a great holiday today! 

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8 Responses to SFM Training: Week 8

  1. Tia@RunnerMom July 4, 2011 at 2:29 pm #

    Never underestimate the importance of a periodical “reality check!” Sounds like you had a great week training! :-)

  2. Suzanne Williams July 4, 2011 at 4:21 pm #

    Wow, very interesting to look at how you train. I am newish to running. I’m like you, running was always a punishment in my sports, so I was never good at it and definately didn’t enjoy it. I have started to love running in the last 1.5 yrs. It is a great release and I’ve always enjoyed exercise. I really enjoyed reading.

  3. Kelly July 4, 2011 at 4:25 pm #

    Nice week! It sounds like your skipped run was well worth it. Plans were made to be tweaked, I think, and you got the most important runs in! Very jealous of your cool 16 miler in SF. It’s pretty steamy in NYC and will likely stay like this for a while!

  4. Lisa Fine July 4, 2011 at 7:03 pm #

    Sounds like a good week, and it sounds like it was worth it to alter your training plan in order to get in some extra fun runs.

    I’m curious to see what your weeks are like as the summer goes on, since I’m fairly new to reading your blog.

  5. Katie July 5, 2011 at 6:20 am #

    I always like to see how you train. Nothign wrong with rest days. I never have a schedule per say, but I even know when to cash out because my body just aches. I usually push it too hard. I think disrupting sleep patterns is the biggest indicator :) Glad you got in some quality and sometimes that’s more important than quantity!

  6. Shannon @ Mon Amour July 5, 2011 at 6:33 am #

    Still sounds like a pretty good week, and you got in some awesome runs. Great idea to use this week as a recovery week and then return to your normal mileage

  7. marlene July 5, 2011 at 7:08 am #

    Awesome job this week! I can’t believe how much you ended up running Wed night to Thurs night, you silly girl! ;) Glad you had a fun week/weekend!!


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