SFM Training: Week 6

Or maybe I should start titling these Portland Marathon Training?  I don’t know, but we will just leave it here for now.

This week I decided to scrap my old plan, since it was pretty much focusing on SFM as an “A” race and that isn’t the case.  Plus I just think it’s time to start some new training techniques to help get me through this plateau I am in.  I have been reading through “Run Faster” and finally have a plan I am happy with!  I will be revealing it next week.

I was able to push my mileage up a bit this week which I am happy with, and I finished off the week feeling much better than I started.  All my little twinges are starting to go away and I am finally feeling back to my normal runner self.  Now to get my pace back!


I know I said I was going to start running again on Monday’s this week but it didn’t happen.  I was up too late Sunday night and had dinner with my BFF in San Francisco Monday night which was very much worth taking the rest day for.


Double: 4 easy + 3 easy

I had intentions of doing 4 easy then doing 10 + fartleks after work (doing part before team lemon run club) but the weather changed my plans, and that’s a-ok. 

I ran errands in the morning on my easy 4 miler, then got asked to be the Walnut Creek lululemon Run Ambassador with Kristin in the evening!  We had planned to run the normal 5 but it was too hot, and we were too excited, so we cut it to 3 miles.

am: 4.2 miles/39:20/9:21 avg pace
pm: 3.0 miles/27:50/9:17 avg pace

10 easy with 8x25s fartleks @3k pace

One thing I really like about the Hudson plan (which I will talk more about next week) is his ease into speed work which is what I need right now.  Fartleks are a great way to do unstructured speed work and I really liked it!  I got up early, ran 5 miles out, turned around and did the fartlek sections on the way back.  I felt really good and it felt good to be running fast again. 


This was also the first run in a while that I didn’t notice my hip/IT band when I first started running!  But by the end of the run my lower back on the other side was sore.  Luckily I already had a chiropractor appointment for that night, so he helped me work through it all and was actually happy to see that my problem areas are moving around – means I am making progress!

10.0 miles/1:30:09/9:00 avg pace

11 easy

This was one of those mornings where you don’t even make a decision to turn off your alarm, somehow it just happens without you realizing it.  I was tired!  Luckily our temperatures were down in the 80s after a few days in the 90s so I just ran after work.  I did another errand run, running to the bank, then did a few more miles getting to 7 (9:11 avg). 

After I met up with the SFM group to run the last 4.  I was excited to see a couple friends since it had been a while since I went to the Thursday night run.  It was warm out, but we had fun chatting away and catching up.

11.4 miles/1:47:49/9:27 avg pace

6 easy

Easy morning run with Kristin! 

6.4 miles/1:00:03/9:23 avg pace

SFMT 047SFMT 053 SFMT 069SFMT 059

17 long

Kristin and I met up with the SFM Training Program in San Francisco for our long run.  They were doing their first 20 miler which was so exciting!  I had been trying to get my miles up so I would be able to run with them, but that just didn’t happen.  We planned on doing 16-17 miles, so headed out on our own adventure. 

We started in Golden Gate Park then made our way out onto 25th, then went UP Lincoln, got to see the Golden Gate Bridge (!!), then went down into Crissy Field and turned around just after 8 miles.  It was actually much warmer out than I anticipated and the hills were definitely taking their toll on our legs.  We stopped to take pictures a couple times and just kept on running along.  We were both pretty tired though but just kept the pace easy and kept on chatting. 

With about 4 miles left, we ran into the faster 20 mile pace group and picked up one of the trainees who we had both ran before and needed a little help then.  We had planned on just heading straight back to the start instead of doing the extra loop around the lake, but we knew he needed a distraction so we ran with him.  Finally we were back to the start and our Garmins read 16.7 so we knew we had to go the extra .3 to get to 17.  We were both SO excited that we actually got there!

I ended up wearing my Saucony Guides for this run too – they are growing on me!

17.0 miles/2:39:58/9:24 avg pace

That night I had a great date with Chris celebrating 6 years!  We hadn’t been out to a nice dinner in so long, so it was fun to get a little dressed up and go have a full meal with appetizers, salads, and main course.  We decided to skip the restaurant dessert though and headed to Coldstone because ice cream always wins. 

June 537b anniversary

5 easy

After a night of multiple glasses of wine celebrating our anniversary, I got to sleep in!  I enjoyed a relaxing morning then headed out for an easy 5 with more errands to run.  I ran to the bank again and to the pharmacy.  It was warm out, but felt good to shake out my legs a little bit.

5.0 miles/47:36/9:31 avg pace

Total for week 6: 57.0 miles

So many fun things happened this week, it was definitely a good one.  I feel really good about my new training plan too and am excited to start implementing the new stuff. 

I also am really happy because the weekend included two runs (including my 17 miler!) that my body is actually feeling normal again.  Lately it’s taken me a few miles to warm up before my IT band/hip feel normal, but now I am starting runs without feeling anything at all.  My back was also back to normal by the end of the week and this makes me very happy!

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dad’s out there!  Especially my own.


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9 Responses to SFM Training: Week 6

  1. Marlene June 19, 2011 at 2:54 pm #

    Glad you are starting to feel back to normal and had some great runs this week.

    And sounds like a perfect Saturday night out! Mmmm ice cream. :)

  2. Kelly June 19, 2011 at 3:11 pm #

    Glad you had a great training week and got some good mileage in! And gahh, I absolutely love your pics by the bridge – I already want to go back to San Fran :)

    Happy Anniversary!

  3. Mile Posts by Dorothy Beal June 19, 2011 at 5:17 pm #

    You run more miles when you aren’t feeling good than I run when I am feeling good ;) Congrats!

  4. Katie June 19, 2011 at 5:43 pm #

    Great runs lady! You will still rock the race even if you don’t get in quite the training you wanted. It’s always good to listen to our bodies. I ran in pain from my hip for 2-3 months I hope you don’t have the same :/ Chiro eventually fixed it!

  5. Rachel June 19, 2011 at 9:44 pm #

    looks like you had a great week! looking forward to hearing about the changes in your training, too.

  6. Petra June 19, 2011 at 10:39 pm #

    Nice week and nice mileage there Aron – good going!

  7. Alex June 20, 2011 at 7:08 am #

    I can’t wait to hear about your new training plan, Aron!

    I have a question. I’m training for my first marathon in October. I signed up for training with a local running group and I can do the long runs and track workout with them, but I want some schedule that will tell me how much to run each day. I need to read some book on marathoning but there are so many! Of all the books you’ve read, can you make a few recommendations for first timers?

  8. Emily June 20, 2011 at 8:46 am #

    happy anniversary AND bad ass training week! i’m glad you’re refocusing- now you just need to show us the new plan!!

  9. Corey @ runners cookie June 20, 2011 at 10:52 am #

    I think it’s important to adjust your plan to meet your goals and also your realistic expectations for any given race, and to recognize that it’s okay to change your original plan if along the way it’s not working for you. You always set a great example for doing this!
    I’m so glad to hear your hip and IT band are feeling better!

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