i *heart* eight & weights…

YAY for eight! i got in an 8 mile run after work today on the iron horse trail… nothing really exciting about it, i almost wasn’t going to post anything until i wrote down my mile splits. i have been really trying to work on starting off slower and getting faster as i go… i have been getting it but usually somewhere in the mid-miles my timing goes up and down a bit. nothing drastic but i have just been wanting to have an increasing steady pace… well check out these splits :)

8.0 miles/1:08:12/8:31 avg pace
1: 8:48
2: 8:42
3: 8:38
4: 8:33
5: 8:32
6: 8:25
7: 8:14
8: 8:17 – i hit the end of the trail and slowed down just a tad ;)

woooo!! each mile gets just a little faster (except for the last one – barely) – perfect! AND my avg pace was at 8:31 which is getting a little faster too.

i ran 3.2 miles on the treadmill yesterday morning, so between the 5k sunday and the treadmill that accounted for my monday scheduled run. wed is crosstraining day and thursday is 65 min easy. saturday we are doing 12 miles, but our coach is going to get us started on hills now so we don’t die come aug 3rd with all the hills in sf… i REALLY need to get going on the hills, so add that to my list of to do’s asap! so saturday should be a big challenge even though its a step down mileage wise from last week.

i have been slacking on the gym the past few weeks. i just haven’t been able to get my butt there 4-5 mornings a week like i was before. i am trying not to be hard on myself since my running has increased quite a bit (and i was sick!) and am just letting myself get the extra rest in the morning if i need it. i have still been getting there at least 2 days for weights, so i am going to try and stick to that for now. at least i have some dumbbells and a stability ball at home just incase :) our coach mentioned last week that doing arm/upper body weights can really help with your running since you do use a lot of upper body to pull you through, esp on the long runs… so i am glad to know i have had a jump on that! i REALLY enjoy lifting weights so i definitely need to keep that up!

alright that’s enough rambling for tonight… half way through the week tomorrow!

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2 Responses to i *heart* eight & weights…

  1. Sandy May 7, 2008 at 8:01 am #

    i love that picture of you while you’re running! haha i went for a run after our cinco de mayo dinner!! but afterwards i gotta say that salad is NOT very filling… =P had to grab some snacks afterwards.

    just catching up on the blogs :D

  2. Marcy May 8, 2008 at 3:28 am #

    Perfect negative splits! Now look at that ;-) Sweet!

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