yard pics…

i have to brag a little bit about my amazing yard and my great husband who works so hard to keep it that way. we were very lucky that the only thing we had to change on our house since moving in was landscaping… so over the past almost 2 years we (mostly chris, but i helped a little too!) have worked very hard to establish and maintain a beautiful yard… which included tearing out the old lawn, adding irrigation system to both the front and back, adding all bushes/flowers/etc… and a lot of cutting down and hauling away. in the winter we dont really pay that much attention to the yard since it kind of hibernates in a way – the grass doesnt grow, the plants stay the same, etc… but now that the sun has come out again the yard work has begun and the plants and grass have started to grow again and things were catching my eye this weekend…

i think we have the greenest grass ever!

this tree is peaking over the fence from our neighbor’s yard and it SO pretty!

our orange tree is still full of bright, HUUUUUGE oranges…

our little plants in the backyard have these amazing pink flowers – i love them!

more pics to come as we plant our summer annuals and everything keeps growing and changing… i love this time of year!

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2 Responses to yard pics…

  1. rachel trigueiro, event designer March 10, 2008 at 10:24 am #

    Oh it looks beautiful and those oranges look delicious!!! Loving the blossoms :)

  2. K March 10, 2008 at 12:15 pm #

    My gosh girl – that grass is so LUSH…I wanna roll around nekkid in it!!
    I’m jealous of your yard – Georgia is still hole digging mode…and it’s hard for me to actually take care of things in my current “state”, not being able to bend over and all. Perhaps you should send your hubby over to perform some TLC on my yard? hehe

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