weave poles!

in order to keep up in class… we finally have our first piece of agility equipment at home! weave poles!!! these are one of the harder things to conquer so it will be a good use of grass space in the back. instead of paying big bucks we decided to make our own… we bought some rebar stakes and some pvc pipe… cut the pipe into 3 foot pieces and stuck the stakes in the grass 20 inches apart… and finally put the pvc pipe over the stakes – and there you go! homemade weave poles :) emma isn’t too sure about having her class equipment in the back yard also, but will be fun to practice on them a little everyday. before you know it she will be doing them on her own off leash!

here are some pics… kinda dark since it was almost night out already.

emma had her first go at the see saw yesterday… its going to be a challenge but i know she will be able to get the hang of it. being an 80lb lab and having to balance herself on a moving board that is only one foot wide is a big challenge. she also learned the “chute” yesterday – which she LOVED. very close to the tunnel just with a closed end and by the end of class she was doing the full thing without holding the end open at all… this girl has no fear sometimes :)

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One Response to weave poles!

  1. K March 19, 2008 at 7:29 am #

    Very cool!!! G wouldn’t have a damn clue about what to do with those things…ha!

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