i got so excited about the 5k sunday i forgot to post about my saturday training run… so i will just get myself all caught up here.

saturday – walnut creek
it was another cold day but i felt really good. we were running 6 miles which included THE hill again – eek. chris took off ahead of me again and there was no way i was going catch up so i settled into a nice pace of my own. there were a ton of people out and i saw a bunch of other training groups too. i made it up the hill and over to the 3 mile mark where i finally caught my breath and turned around to head back… overall a very good day and i ran the 6 miles in under 56 minutes which i was very happy about – i keep breaking my times! another great saturday run followed by a well earned big yummy genova sando :) yummm

sunday – 5k see post below

monday – 25 minute tempo run
on the treadmill – bleh. i was looking forward to the treadmill for some reason that day but it wasn’t long into the run that i wished i was outside. it’s just so convenient sometimes to just get home change and get right on instead of having to think about where to go to run and all that comes with actually leaving the house. oh well at least friends kept me distracted and i had good control over my tempo speed on the treadmill. i ran 3 miles in just over 25 minutes so was happy with that!

tuesday – 35 minute easy run
treadmill again – bigger bleh. 35 minutes goes by SO much slower on the treadmill then being outside… but convenience won over once again. got in 4 miles in just over 35 minutes.

wednesday – 20 min easy
today was not on the training schedule but i decided to go out with chris to get a little run outside in. we went over near the dog park we go to and they have a nice running trail… it was great to get some fresh air and have a change of scenery… this trail also had a lot of hills which is a good practice! just a quick short run but still nice to be outside… 2.25 miles in just over 20 minutes.

tomorrow night we are meeting up with some teammates over in wc again – schedule says 40 minutes so should be a good run.

we just got the rest of our schedule for up until the marathon (we only had through april until today)… and WOW i have a lot of running in my future! i mean i knew i did but to see it on paper really makes it real. the longest will be 22 miles, and after the next 2 weeks we won’t see any single digit mile runs until july when we are tapering down before the race. my mile counter will be moving up much quicker from now on!

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  1. Jeannett Gibson March 21, 2008 at 5:50 am #

    Andy said he did a total double take at the picture of you in your running gear with the hat on…he totally thought it was your mom! He can’t believe how much you two look alike! “That picture of Aron with the hat on her blog…that was totally Lynette the other morning when she stopped by our yard sale!”

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