proud “parent”…

the girls had a very busy weekend too – sunday was kylie’s “first day of school”… she started basic manners II class at ARF. it was a very big class and will be split up into 2 classes from here on out, but we had a great time. the trainer is the same one we used for kylie’s private lessons, so we know we like her and her methods. we always get a little nervous before hand – what to expect, how is she going to act, etc… well once again she was SO GOOD. i was so proud of her… she was excited (to be expected) but very calm and was doing all the exercises like a pro… she is so cute to watch too – she just has the cutest facial expressions ever.

emma had her agility class also, and after a week off last week was a bit crazy :) but she did very well overall too. we got to learn a new contact obstacle called the dogwalk which is definitely the scariest one so far!! the top flat part is as high as my shoulders and its only one foot wide! so imagine an 80 pound lab walking across that – a little scary! i walked on one side, and the trainer on another to hold her in place and get her used to it… emma doesn’t like to do things slow either, she wanted to run up and over it after she figured it out on the first pass. we get to learn the see saw next week – which i am both very excited and nervous for! she has become a pro at the a-frame and everyone comments on how good her “breaks” are coming down off the other side. she goes full speed up over, but the dogs have to stop with 2 paws on the ground, the back half still up on the a frame and touch their nose to the “contact plate” on the ground. this is emma’s favorite thing. she quickly figured out that if she just touches her nose down she gets a treat, so its very hard to get her to stop… its pretty funny.

so both the girls had great classes – its fun to get them on their own and for them to have some individual attention and work on things they are good at. kylie loves to please and learns so fast that obedience is perfect for her… while emma loves to run around and be crazier so agility is so fun for her. i was a very proud dog parent yesterday :)

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  1. rachel trigueiro, event designer March 10, 2008 at 4:15 pm #

    Your 5k is in 6 days!!!

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