8 miles…

saturday was our first time running our long distance without the group… we went down to my parents house for easter so we had to come up with an 8 mile route all on our own. not too bad – just got on map my run and mapped 4 miles so we could run there and back for 8. nothing too exciting about this run… i felt pretty good after i got rid of the pack thing i was wearing around my waste. the nice thing about our group runs is they have water stops there for us, so i haven’t had to use the pack that holds water, etc in it until saturday…. welllll i was NOT a fan. i think it was just the design of this one, and i am going to get another one to try out, but this one i was not happy about. it was bouncing all over the place, wouldn’t sit right, was completely messing me up. so finally i said CHRIS YOU TAKE IT heheyah that didn’t last long either. eventually we emptied what we need and put it in a bush to be picked up later (not that i was going to use it again)…. after i got that thing off of me i felt like i had lifted 10 lbs! it felt so good to run after that. the route i mapped had quite a few more hills than anticipated, but it was a good run and a good challenge. the weather was perfect after we got warmed up – a little cold at the start but that didn’t last long. overall very happy… total 8.3 miles in just under an hour an twenty minutes. it was pretty crazy to look down at my watch when it hit the hour mark… we hadn’t seen that yet running as the furthest we have gone was 6 miles… so that was exciting! i am glad we were able to run and stay on track even though we were out of town… the eating on the other hand definitely went off track – WAY off track :) but that’s ok… gotta have some rewards for the running!!

hope everyone had a GREAT Easter!

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2 Responses to 8 miles…

  1. rachel trigueiro, event designer March 24, 2008 at 9:08 pm #

    wow…you GO girl. :)

  2. Lynette March 25, 2008 at 8:21 am #

    The off track eating was MY fault…yep, they come home & raid the cookie jar (& candy dish)! I love it! I’m so glad you came home & were still able to stay on track. You have NO idea how glad I am that you came home. It was just what I needed! Happy Spring!!!

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