The Next Adventure


This spring was incredible. I ran to my heart’s content all over the Bay Area, exploring new trails with friends, setting different race PRs and running in new places. It was exactly what my running soul needed. A time to be free, without a training plan and really just enjoy and embrace what happened to be on my calendar that day. It was also a time of a lot of self-discovery, when I really thought about life and what I wanted for the future.

I wasn’t sure how I would top my adventurous-for-me spring, but I knew something would fall into place when the time was right. Sure enough, a very different, extremely exciting adventure has been placed in my lap (quite literally) at exactly the right time for me. For the rest of 2013, I will be training for what you might call the ultimate adventure: motherhood.

After 8 years of marriage, a lot of growing up, learning, goal reaching, and a whole lot of love, Chris and I will be adding a new team member to our little family and we couldn’t be more thrilled.

Baby’s first medals
SFM 001

A lot of changes have taken place on this blog over the 5+ years I have been writing. When I opened up blogspot for the first time, I had never run further than 3 miles, I knew nothing about running and I was a little lost looking for inspiration and fulfillment. Running and blogging provided me exactly that. Blogging has been a creative outlet, a great source of motivation, and something that has connected me with so many of my now best friends.

I have known for a while that things here on the blog were changing, and it’s probably pretty obvious if you have been reading for any amount of time. I don’t feel the need to write like I used to and don’t crave the outlet like before.  I don’t feel the need to find inspiration through the computer screen when I can find endless amounts out my front door.

With this new adventure I am embarking on, I feel very protective and private of my space, my time, and this baby.  I also feel even stronger about all the feelings that I had been struggling to figure out over the last year when it comes to sharing part of your life online.  All these things lead me very easily to the decision that now is the perfect time for me to stop blogging.

I want to thank everyone for reading all these years, for encouraging me and each other, offering advice and just simply being a friend. I am so thankful for all the opportunities that I have been given, and mostly for all the amazing people I have met just because I decided to write about my running journey one day.

The running and the adventures definitely won’t be ending, I will just be holding them much closer than before.


Happy trails friends – see you out there.

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